Desktop Game to Join Number Tiles in a Grid to Reach a Total of 2048

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2048desktop is a free desktop based game which can be a great way to pass time. The main motive of the game is to move the numbered tiles in the grid blocks in order to get a sum of 2048. The game involves no complex calculations, you simply have to move similar numbered tiles so that they add up. It will continue until you get the result of 2048.

Below is a screenshot of the game interface. The game interface looks very cool. First few moves will be a bit confusing and you will think what is happening. But as you continue playing, you are sure to fall in love with it.

2048Desktop-Home Screen

How to play 2048Desktop:

The game setup can be downloaded using the link at the end of the article. Once downloaded you will get an executable file. Simply run the executable file to start the installation process. Once the installation is over, you will get a screen like the one below:

2048Desktop-First Screen

When you click on the Start button, you will get a screen like the one below. Remember if you find similar number which are in the same row or column without any other number tile in between them then press the corresponding arrow key to merge them. For example, if a tile numbered 2 and a tile numbered 2 are in the same column, press either the Upward or Downward arrow key. If a tile numbered 4 and tile number 4 are sitting on the same row then press either the Left or Right arrow key. The result tile will now contain the sum of the previous two adjacent tiles you just merged.

2048Desktop-Game Started

If you do not find any matching then press either of the keys to generate new number and shift the numbers in the direction of pressed keys. So if you press Down arrow key in the above case all the tiles will move down and new numbers will be generated. But it is wise to move the similar numbers adjacent to each other, this can be done by pressing the Left or the Right arrow key in the above case.

2048Desktop-Right Key

Now the 2s are adjacent press either the Upward arrow key or Downward arrow key to merge the 2 tiles and simultaneously generate new numbers in other tile positions. This is what you will get once you press the Downward key.

2048Desktop-Third Move

Now move press the Left key to make 2 numbered tiles come over one another and then press either upward or downward key to merge them. Once they are merged you will see 4 numbered tiles sitting beside each other. Press the Left or Right arrow keys to merge them.

2048Desktop-Fourth Move

After merging you will see there are three different numbered tiles with numbers 2, 4 and 8 now you have to move the tiles so that another 8 comes up which are adjacent so that you can add them to get 16. Now when you get 16 you have to move the other tiles to get another 16 which is adjacent to the previous 16. Merge them to get 32, this number merging process continues until you have a tile numbered 2048. With every key press your score will increase. If you successfully merge higher valued tiles you get more points.

While moving the tiles to get to the end of the game. I got the following positions of the grid:

2048Desktop-Various Positions

Well sometimes it is hard luck and you will not be able to complete the game because all the grids have been filled up by some number and there is no more free space to move the tiles.

2048Desktop-Not SuccessFull


2048Desktop is a great game. It can be played both by children and adults. What I feel is that, the game is addictive. While writing this review I ended up playing the game for three long hours. Nevertheless it is a cool game to keep you busy this summer.

Get 2048Desktop free from here.

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