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Protector Plus Windows Vulnerability Scanner is a free system scanner which is gonna look for any holes in your computer’s security defenses and report them so that they can be fixed to prevent your PC from being infected with viruses and other types of malware. In any given time millions of computers are either not properly configured or they do not have adequate security applications installed, with Protector Plus you’ll be able to find out if your computer is among those millions, and it’s gonna tell you if you need to fix errors, if any are present.

Protector Plus Vulnerability Scanner default window

This free Windows vulnerability scanner is a very small application, with under megabyte in size, it doesn’t even have to be installed on the system that you’re scanning. After download you just run the application and you should then be able to see what you see on the image above. You’ll immediately be offered to do a system scan, simply click Yes and you’ll receive a report very quickly. Protector Plus is also gonna offer you various different system information, next to scanning for vulnerabilities, you can also:

  • Check which Windows version you are running exactly
  • Find out basic hardware information about the CPU
  • See how much system memory your PC has and how much is in use
  • Monitor free disk space

These aren’t something that’s overly complicated for a user to find out on its own, but a lot of people don’t know how to do that, especially the first one on the list, and it doesn’t cost you anything to fire up Windows Vulnerability Scanner and find out, plus you can also check to see if your system is properly configured to prevent virus infections, which is what Protector Plus does best.

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How to check for Windows security vulnerabilities with Vulnerability Scanner

Scan can be started by either selecting Yes on the previously mentioned startup prompt, or by clicking on the Scan button located in the upper left corner of the application window. If everything is OK with your system, if you’re lucky enough, program will tell you that, but if security risks are present you are gonna see a window like this:

Protector Plus Vulnerability Scanner results

Vulnerabilities are sorted based on ratings, as you can see from the image above. Each one of the vulnerabilities found by Windows Vulnerability Scanner will have a description of what kind of problems you might find yourself in if the errors found are not fixed. Running a Windows Update will eliminate all the issues found by Windows Vulnerability Scanner, since that’s the main area where it will look for errors.


These days having a good set of security tools installed on your computer is not enough, you also have to make sure that system itself is up to date and that security settings are all properly configured. With Protector Plus Windows Vulnerability Scanner you’ll be able to check, quickly and painlessly if there are any kind of security vulnerabilities present on your system which could cause malware infections, simply download the application and run the scanner for free.

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