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Secunia Personal Software Inspector is a free software to find outdated programs and plugins that are installed on your computer, and then automatically update them. Apart from keeping your computer up-to-date, this also ensures that your PC have latest protection against hackers and malware software, as latest security patches from software manufacturer normally address such vulnerabilities.

How does Secunia PSI work?

Secunia personal Software inspector PSI works by analyzing each file on your computer looking for any and all information that will or will not be good for the system. The program primarily examines all exe, dll and ocx files. These are often the main “doors” to your system. In other words, these files contain Meta information provided by the software vendor. This data is for the user and is embedded in the installation programs on any computer.

This free update plug-in and software analyzer, checks for discrepancies in the aforementioned data and prevents anything strange or unusual from making a home on your system. After examining files on all drives the retrieved data is sent to Secunia servers. Then Secunia matches it to signature database of such files that it has in its huge database to find which programs and versions are installed on your PC. The user will receive a full, detailed report on what was found and be advised on what action should be taken.

Other similar updation program that we reviewed earlier include FileHippo Update Checker, and Device Driver Updater.

Secunia PSI

The application continues to scan for updates to programs, add-ons and plug-ins which it knows will keep your computer safe. All data, new or old, is sent to the Secunia servers for analysis. Even when vendors send out a patch for a program or the OS, Secunia scans the “patch” to make sure it is the real McCoy. The application is clearly a tool that every PC user should have on his or her machine. It is important to note here that this free application is not designed to detect whether the user has compromising data on his or her system, it reports only findings and advises the user to act. The program does not check personal files, only the integrity of the file to see if it is vulnerable to attack. For that, you still need to have a good free antivirus, and a free firewall.

Secunia is not a program that will replace any firewall or antivirus program a user is using. It is more of a support for such programs and therefore one shouldn’t mistake Secunia as a complete antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spyware or anti-Trojan application. In the situations where the user is unsure of what action should be taken, Secunia offers a support team which is readily accessed; these skilled men and women will give the user easy instructions. Secunia is a free update installed software manager, an update for plug-ins and a necessary tool for internet users. Download free here.

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