tinc: Free Cross Platform VPN Daemon For Creating VPN Connections

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tinc is a free cross platform command line VPN daemon which you can use in order to easily connect to VPN networks. It can be used if you are worried about security, safety and anonymity when you’re browsing the Internet, or when you want to connect to a VPN at your office or wherever it is that you need to connect to.

tinc works will create a virtual network device, with the help of which you’re gonna be tunneling your connection. Like we said, this is a command line application. This is pretty much the only thing that you’re gonna see from this free VPN daemon.

tinc default window


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It’s started using the command line. Setup is made using configuration files which you need to create inside the install directory. After the config is completed, you’re gonna have to create the virtual connection, and using the data that you entered during the configuration. Key features of tinc – free VPN daemon are:

  • Cross platform – works with Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, Solaris, Mac OS
  • Encryption – depending on connection SSL encryption can be setup
  • Data compression – data can be compressed using zlib or LZO
  • Automatic mesh routing – full mesh routing is available
  • Bridge multiple LAN segments into larger Ethernet segments
  • Lightweight – spends very little system resources

Security and anonymity are not an easy thing to achieve these days. VPN networks are one way of how you can do it. These are basically computers where you can connect and through which you then access the Internet. You’re in full control over the connection and what gets transmitted. tinc can be used to connect to these types of networks. Here’s a few pointers to help you get started.

How to connect to VPN networks with tinc – free VPN daemon

The entire setup is a bit extensive, it’s best that you visit this link for the entire setup. This is for Windows, there’s instructions available for other operating systems also on the website. There’s several things that you need to do in order to setup a VPN connection.

tinc setup complete

You need to create tinc.conf file inside the same directory where the tinc was installed. Another file need to be created, hosts, this is where you’re gonna be setting up the VPN server information. tinc.conf is used to setup the connection parameters, the adapter information that you need to use to connect and so on. For all the how to for this setup you need to open up the link that we gave a few lines back and there using it adjust everything according to your liking, to your connection details. When you’re done with the setup, you’re gonna have to install the virtual network adapter and run the tincd.exe, like you can see from the first image above. Service will be started and you’re now connected to your VPN network.


tinc requires you to do a little bit more setup, but if you are not afraid of going over manuals and setting up everything that needs to be setup, you’re gonna end up with a very powerful and highly customizable VPN daemon. Free download.

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Works With: Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris, BSD
Free/Paid: Free

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