proXPN: Free Secure VPN Connection Between PC and Internet

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ProXPN is a free VPN software that creates a secure VPN connection between the internet and your PC under a highly secured environment. With secure browsing software ProXPN you can easily hide your online activity and identity. It also helps you to surf blocked websites by hiding the real IP address. This is one of the best VPN Service provider on the web, in the same league as OpenDNS and Loki VPN.

ProXPN have two versions, first one is free version and other is a premium (Paid) version. ProXPN free version has a lot in store for you. You can easily secure your internet with 2048 bit VPN encryption. This free VPN software ProXPN also works with 3G cellphone and DSL PC and operating systems like Windows, Iphone and Mac are also supported by ProXPN. When you use ProXPN to access any website the IP address of US will be shown. This also means that you can access content from those websites that block content for non-US visitors.


How to Use proXPN:

Just go to and sign up for a free account. Now click on download ProXPN and enter all the desired details like email, and password. Then you will get activation email. When you click on activation link in that email, your account is activated. After that you can click on Connect button in proXPN client. Now you will be connected and you can start making use of this great free application, ProXPN.

Some other secure browsing options you can also try are XeroBank Free, Comodo Dragon Browser, and Browzar.

Some features of this Free Secure Browsing Software proXPN:

  • Military grade high bit encryption, so more secured surfing
  • IP address is not shown and to recover it is next to impossible
  • Secured connections, so more privacy
  • There are no records of the websurfing you have done and no one can even spy on your emails, calls or internet messenger
  • Simple to use interface and quick installation
  • Supported by all operating systems like windows mobile, iphone, mac, ipod touch, windows
  • You can use it from anywhere i.e. remote location connectivity, so no more hassles of using it from a single place

So make use of this free application, ProXPN right now!

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Works With: Windows, Mac, iPhone
Free/Paid: Free

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