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OkayFreedom is a free VPN service which lets you browse restricted websites by bypassing geographical restrictions. So, if you reside in India and you wish to access some sites from USA which are banned in your local region you can use this software and access those sites freely. Moreover, in case you are abroad and you cannot access the local sites in the place you are, this tool would definitely be very handy to access blocked sites. Therefore, with OkayFreedom on your system you need not worry at all about being blocked to view particular sites and its contents as this free VPN service offers uncensored web browsing.

Installing this free VPN service

The installation procedure takes some time as there are a few options which you need to select and choose before running it on to your computer. The initial step is to download the setup file from the internet available here. Once you initiate the download it would take a couple of minutes to get downloaded on your system. Run the installer and install it in your preferred directory. The last step is to click on the shortcut on your desktop and launch the software on your system. If you want to browse the internet in a secure way, you can try Loki VPN, proXPN and XeroBank Free reviewed by us.

Using this free VPN service

The moment you launch Okay Freedom the software asks you to register through a valid email. After which it gets minimized in your taskbar. The program offers you to select from the 4 identities i.e. regions you belong to. They are:

  • German Identity
  • American Identity
  • British Identity
  • Swiss Identify

You may select any of the above depending on your preference. In order to select or change your selection you need to right click on the software icon in your taskbar. Once you do so you would be presented by a popup giving you the option to select your preferred location or do other changes as required. You would also find the settings options in the popup. Moreover when required you could always switch to any of the other regions available by right clicking on the option from your taskbar.

In order to check the software we performed the following operation where the specifics are as follows:

  • Region: India
  • Website Tested:
  • Identity Selected: American

Based on the above we tried to open in a normal mode without the software being activated. Doing so showed us an error while we tried to open the particular section of the website mentioned. It said that one is not allowed to browse the contents of the site as it’s blocked for this specific region. The error could be viewed in the screenshot below.

However once we changed our identity to “American Identity’’ from the option in the popup and tried to access we saw that it showed no errors and the video could be viewed easily. There are numerous other sites which are blocked within a country which people might need to access for their specific needs. This is where Okay Freedom helps them to access their preferred sites without having any sort of a restriction to the contents on those sites.

Features of Okay Freedom

Some of the features that should be highlighted which this software comes with are:

  • Allows accessing blocked site in your local territory
  • Access your favourite sites when abroad
  • Protects your privacy while you surf net anonymously

Download Okay Freedom free.

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Works With: Windows XP, Vista, 7
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