Free Online Encryption Service To Encrypt Facebook Status, Tweets and Text Files

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Scrambls is a free online encryption service which allows you to scramble and encrypt what you post online, so that only those who have your permission can read text or access files that you post to social networks, websites, and so on. In order for this to work, you need to make sure that everyone to whom you’re sending encrypted posts, social network statuses, and tweets also uses Scrambls and has the the browser toolbar or smartphone apps installed.

Scrambls free online encryption service default window

To use this free online encryption service, you first need to register on their website. After that you can login, after which you will see what can be seen in the image above. This is the main interface from where you can manage groups, or create scrambled and encrypted posts, tweets, and Facebook posts on the fly, look down below. By placing your friends, who also have to be members of Scrambls, into groups, you can make sure that only they know what you write, making the entire world oblivious to your conversation.

Key Features of Scrambles Free Online Encryption Service:

  • Free online encryption of text and files within the Scrambls network.
  • Can be used on websites, Facebook, Twitter for sending files, anywhere.
  • Offers browser extensions, desktop application, and smartphone apps.
  • Supported on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE, iOS, Android, Windows.
  • Create groups, choose what your family, friends, and colleagues read.
  • Offers manual, automatic, and selective text encryption.

If you’re confused as to how Scrambls works here’s a short example. Let’s say that you want your work colleagues to receive encrypted Twitter tweets. Both you and them have to register on Scrambls. After that you have to add them to a group on Scrambls called Work, for example. All of you have to install extensions and apps, and next time you post something on Twitter with Scrambls turned on it will automatically scramble and encrypt what you write and ask you which group of contact you want reading the text that’s being posted online. Here are few more pointers to help you get started.

How to Create Encrypted and Scrambled Posts, Tweets, and Statuses with Scrambls?

First make sure that you’re registered. You can Login with Facebook or Twitter. Tell people with whom you want to exchange protected messages to do the same. Login and head over to Create group link.

Scrambls group managing

Name it, add emails or names of the people with whom you want to share encrypted text, adjust permissions, and when you’re done click Save. In the main menu, select install Scrambls link. Everyone install browser extensions, smartphone apps, and so on.

Scrambls encrypted text

You can activate encryption to be used all the time, or only when you put @@ before and after text. If it works all the time, this is how it’s gonna look to everyone else, but not to contact that you’ve added to the allowed group. Use the drop down menu where Everyone is listed to change the group that you want reading the text that you post.


Even though it takes a bit getting used to how things are done with Scrambls, this is actually an effective way of protecting and encrypting text and files that you send over the web. For files you’ll have to do the same thing as above, only on a desktop application which is available for Windows. Give it a try and see how it goes. Free service.

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