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Infoencrypt is free web application through which you can send encrypted messages online. Send secret messages to people you want to and protect it from others by using a secret password.

Through Infoencrypt you can send your data online to persons you want and no one else can view the message without the password. Send encrypted messages using this website to send secret messages or private messages. You can send messages even if you are using your office internet connection or public connection without any worries.

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About Infoencrypt:

Internet is an easy means to send messages or mails to others. But internet is not always safe to send secret messages or passwords through emails or chat. Your email accounts or passwords may be hacked or used by others for stealing valuable information. Then you can use these kind of web applications; which come handy to send messages that can be read only by the persons you want to. Infoencrypt will send encrypted messages with a strong algorithm. You can assign a password to the message to protect it and send the message. Just tell the password to the person or persons you want the message to be seen.

This service is useful if you want to send a message which can be read by only specified people and not others. If your company has filters set to pick out messages which contain CV, resume, job, or any other words, then also you can send messages which contain those words without getting caught by the filter. If you want to send secret messages through an unsecure channel or hide information from website crawler bots then you can use Infoencrypt. On a whole Infoencrypt is a nice and  secret service to send private messages securely.

How To Send Encrypted Messages:

Let’s have a look at the steps on how to send and read encrypted messages through Infoencrypt:

  • Type your secret message in the text field as shown in below screenshot.
  • After you are done typing your message, enter a strong password.
  • Retype the password in the confirm password box to confirm it.
  • Press ‘Encrypt’ button.
  • You will be given a code on the webpage. Just send the code to the receiver and tell them the password.
  • Ask them to copy paste the encrypted message in the message box in the website.
  • Ask them to enter the password once and click on ‘Decrypt’ button.
  • Then they can see the message you have sent.

Remember to set a strong password using capital letters, special characters, and number too; so they can’t be cracked by hackers. Send the password using a different method other than mails or chat; like phone call.

This service is easy to use as it just needs the same password to encrypt and decrypt. It’s very simple to use and understand. Even if any hacker intercepts your message, they can’t read it because of the strong algorithm the website uses. You can also try Encrypted mails through Gmail and websites to send messages that self destruct.

Click here to Start using Infoencrypt.

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