ZumoDrive: A Better Dropbox Alternative

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ZumoDrive is a free backup and synchronization software that will back up and synchronize your data across multiple computers. ZumoDrive comes with a free
2GB online storage to store your music and files.

ZumoDrive is a lot like Dropbox my favorite backup software. As is with Dropbox, ZumoDrive keeps checking a folder for any changes that you might have made. When it detects a change, it uploads the data to its cloud service. It also synchronizes your files to the other devices that you might have integrated the ZumoDrive.


There are a few features that I especially like in ZumoDrive that I think are even better than Dropbox.

For example, ZumoDrive can keep checking state of multiple folders so that it will keep an eye on all those folders to see if anything changed, and if it detects a change it synchronizes them over the cloud and also
to your other devices.

Apart from that the feature that I really like is that ZumoDrive also integrates with iTunes. ZumoDrive will import all your music from iTunes and then you can access all the music on all other devices that you have integrated with ZumoDrive. This means you do not need to carry your music around and keep music on one computer and access it from all other devices. However, I am not sure how ZumoDrive behaves with iTunes alternatives.

In the same manner, it can also integrates with iPhoto and Picasa. It imports the photos into the software and then you can access the photo from any computer that you have associated with ZumoDrive.

ZumoDrive also makes it extremely simple to share any file from your machine with any other friend. For that you can just right click on any file in the Windows Explorer, and ZumoDrive will give you a URL for that file. You can then pass that URL to any of your friend and they will be able to easily access that file from your computer.

There are definitely some features intended to make ZumoDrive better than Dropbox. This is another software in growing list of Drobox alternatives. But I will still stick with Dropbox for some time simply because it give me more space than ZumoDrive. For example, whenever I refer a friend to Dropbox, I get 250 MB of additional free space. I have already got almost 10 GB of free space with Dropbox. However, if you do not need a lot of free space and 2GB is enough for you, then ZumoDrive is really the way to go. If you really need a lot of free space then you can always try Skydrive which gives 25 GB of free space.

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Works With: Windows, Mac
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