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Here are 5 Free Twitter Alerts Service for those who love Tweeting the whole day. Twitter Alerts basically help you keep track of conversations that mention you, your products, your company, or anything related to you with regular hourly intervals. With these free Twitter Alerts Services, you can quickly sniff out as to who is tweeting your website or blog, no matter even if they use a shortened URL, For Example: tinyurl.com. Summary, you can keep yourself abreast of all the Tweets which talk about you, you and you. Isn’t this cool?

In this fast growing technical world, more and more people are turning towards the virtual world for promoting their products and services. Hence, some popular websites like Facebook and Twitter are ideal for people who remain connected with their online social lives. You can not keep your eye on such websites all the time, however, you are always interested to know if anyone tweets about you or your work. This is where these Twitter Alerts come into existence. It alerts you with a notification if anybody tweets in reference with your company, website or anything.

Although there is plethora of Twitter Alerts Services available over the Internet, however, nobody has enough time to scrutinize the entire web in order to search the best ones. And of course, why to waste time when we are here. Below given are 5 free Twitter Alert Services. Each works differently in some or the other way. The advantage of using these Twitter Alerts Services is that you can enjoy all of these at ZERO COST!!.


Twilert is a free Twitter alerts service that lets you setup email alerts for Twitter. You can organize alert for any search term that you want to track on Twitter, and Twilert will send you a daily Twitter alert email with all the tweets that match that search term. You can even choose to track your mentions, mentions of your brand, or a combination of all those.


In addition, this free Twitter Alerts Service also enables you to arrange multiple Twitter email alerts with different frequency such as daily, weekly, etc. Twilert is completely free, and does not require you to download any software or app. It’s a complete online service.

Twitter does not automatically keep you informed about the conversations that mention you or your website. Hence, it is quite easy to miss such useful info. To overcome such issues, Twilert comes into existence in the form of Twitter alert services.

With Twilert, you can set up Twitter alerts for the words and mentions, and Twilert will send you a daily email with a summary of those.

In short, Twilert is a good utility service that allows you to setup email alerts for Twitter. Go ahead and try Twilert free!!


Twitbin is a free plugin for Firefox that allows you track all your Twitter updates directly from Firefox, without using any Twitter client. Twitbin shows as an icon on your Firefox window, and when you click on it, it opens up a sidebar with all your Twitter updates. Twitbin sidebar stays open on the side of all your browser windows as long as you want. This free Twitter Alert lets you keep doing what you are doing, and still keep track of your Twitter updates.


However, in order to get started with this free Twitter Alert Extension, you need to install the app to your Firefox Browser.

Twitbin lets you send tweets, check your Twitter timeline, see replies, and all other common Twitter related functionalities. Twitbin is completely free, and is a good addition to Firefox. Install Twitter Alert Firefox Extension Free!!

If you are looking for an extension that lets you post directly to Twitter then we have another article that enables you to post to Twitter from Firefox Browser. Check it out.


Tweetings for Chrome is a free Twitter client that integrates directly with Google Chrome browser, or its incarnation ChromePlus. When you install Tweetings extension for Chrome, you will find it adding as a small button in your Chrome’s address bar.


Update: (July 16, 2013) The extension no longer exists in Chrome Web Store. Check out other Twitter alert services listed here.

Once installed, Tweetings for Chrome lets you directly access your Twitter account by just clicking on Tweetings icon. When you click on it, a small window is opened at top right side of your browser. This window has a tabbed format, and it shows your timeline, tweets mentioning you, messages sent to you, messages sent by you, your tweets, and even your lists. You can select any tab, see relevant data from your Twitter account. Everything is very nicely consolidated at one single location.

This free Twitter client for Chrome is really one of the best Twitter clients I have come across. It is very ingeniously designed in terms of whole layout, and makes it extremely easy to use Twitter.

In short, Tweetings is an excellent lightweight Twitter client extension for chrome that lets you access Twitter right from your Browser. Go ahead install Twitter Extension For Chrome Free!!

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Tweetbeep.com is a free online Twitter Alert service that gives you a notification through an e-mail when somebody takes your name, your website’s name or any word related to you on Twitter. This free Twitter Alert Service is very much similar to Google Alerts for Twitter and that is because Tweetbeep is Twitter’s version of Google Alerts.


With this Twitter Alert Service, you can quickly find out who is tweeting your name, your website’s address, or your company’s name. One feature I really liked about this free Twitter service is that it informs you even if someone has used a shortened URL.

In order to get started with Tweetbeep, you need to create an account. Once you have created an account, you will be taken to a page where you can modifysettings related to the Twitter notifications.

With Tweetbeep, you need to create an alert. In order to create an alert, you need to decide either you want to receive notification when a certain word is used (Keyword) or when someone links to your website (Link to Domain).  However, you can also create an alert for both items if you want. For more details click here.

In short, TweetBeep.com is an excellent Twitter Alert service that offers various useful features to send you an email notification whenever someone tweets about you on Twitter. Go ahead and try Twitter Alert Service Free!!

There are various other services that allows you to tweet through email, check out Btween.Us reviewed by us.


TweetAlarm is yet another simple yet powerful Twitter Alert service that sends you email alerts when someone tweets about your company, your product or anything that interests you. You just need to register yourself with the website by submitting all your required credentials. You can add keywords or remove keywords, change the frequency of receiving alerts such as twice per day, weekly, daily or as often as the alerts occur.


Some Key Features of this Twitter Alert Service:

  • Receive twitter search alerts through email
  • Get notified of tweets containing keywords of interest through email
  • Service similar to Google alerts, built for Twitter
  • Easily monitor your brand

In short, TweetAlarm is an excellent Alert Service for Twitter that notifies you through an email when someone tweets about things related to you or your work.

You can also schedule your Tweets. Check out Twitter extension to Schedule Tweets reviewed by us.


Ending my short post with this highly useful Twitter Alerts Service, twiteralerts. For quite a long time, I have been looking for a way to get Twitter alerts though SMS, email or instant message. After scrutinizing the entire web, I ended up with this powerful service that notifies us whenever we receive a direct message, an @ reply on Twitter, or a particular keyword that interest us.


However, in order to get started with this Twitter Alerts Service, go onto the website—>Sign-in with your Twitter account—>You will soon be taken to a page where you are required to submit your contact details such as your Phone number, email address, and a few more. Once you have registered yourself, you can add unlimited number of keywords with which you would like to keep track of.

Some Key Features:

  • Get Alert when someone mentions your name in their Tweet.
  • Get Alert when someone sends you a direct message.
  • Get alert for your chosen keywords.

TwitterAlerts keeps checking Twitter-o-sphere to see any occurrence of alert causing conditions, and sends you alerts corresponding to them every 20 minutes. You can choose to get alerts on your email, Yahoo Messenger, or both. Go ahead and Try Twitter Alerts Free!!

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