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tvBox is a free Metro UI (Modern UI) app for Windows 8 that allows you to watch Television online, right within the app. The app is designed beautifully, and clicking on a channel name will launch the channel in a Window, and you can simply start viewing and enjoying the channel. The channels provided by this app are in SD (Standard Definition). The app offers a vast number of channels, which are enough to keep the Windows 8 users entertained for hours.

tvBox is designed in a manner that even if you don’t have Flash on your Windows 8 machine, it will still run the channels. The app offers a good collection of channels, right from Cartoon Network, HBO to many other international foreign language channels as well. The app delivers on its promise to offer free channels, and although the channels are in standard definition, the fact that the channels require almost no buffering on a moderate speed internet line of about 1 MBPs, more than makes up for the standard quality of the channels.

tvBox is a Metro UI app available for Windows 8 for free via the Windows app store.

tvbox icon

Features of tvBox Windows 8 App to Watch Free TV on Windows 8:

tvBox is a complete entertainment package for people all over the world with a Windows 8 device. The following features of tvBox make it stand out of the crowd:

+ It allows access to hordes of channels.

+ It is available for free.

+ When you launch the app, you can scroll in this Window from side to side, and select your channel by clicking it. The channel will then open in a new Window. The main app Window looks like the following screenshot.


+ In the above screenshot, when you click on a channel, the channel playback will start in a new Window that will open up. Say, if I click Cartoon Network in the above Window, the following Window will open up showing the channel playback.

cartoon network

In a similar fashion, you can open up the other channels offered by this app, by simply selecting them from the app’s home screen. As you can see in the above Window, the channel playback is not in HD. But still, the playback is very smooth, and it is a good way to easily watch free TV on Windows 8. The app makes for a good temporary replacement of your regular television, but bear in mind that you can’t use this app as a permanent replacement of your regular television.

This is all that you need to know to use this app- tvBox. The app is very entertaining, and hence, may become very addictive in the long run.

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+ Lightweight.

+ Runs even on machines without Flash.

+ Consumes less system memory.

+ Designed in a Windows 8 native Metro UI style.


– The app has ads which can’t be hidden, although they hide automatically after a certain amount of time.

– Channels are not in HD.

– Number of channels are limited.

– Battery hog: It consumes a lot of system battery. My battery backup was reduced to half whilst I was running this app.

The Verdict…

tvBox is a good app to have if you are looking for an app that would allow you to watch television on the go. Although the channels are not in HD, this app can definitely come in handy when you are travelling, and need a way to pass your time. The app runs smoothly, and hence, unless you are on a sluggish dial up connection of the 80’s era, you aren’t going to have playback issues of any kind with channels offered by this app. There was next to no buffering lag on my 512kbps internet line at the time of testing this software on my test machine.

Do note that tvBox can’t serve as a permanent replacement for your normal television, because firstly, it does not offer as many channels, and secondly, the channels are not offered in a high quality. Nevertheless, this app is amazingly fun and designed in a way to keep you entertained for hours on end. I’m sure that you’re going to love this app.

Get tvBox.

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