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SlimComputer is free software which removes the unwanted software pre-installed in your brand new desktop or laptop. When we buy new PC or laptop, the manufacturers installs too much promotional software, toolbars, links and other unnecessary programs which are not required by you. To lessen this frustration you can use SlimComputer freeware so that you can safely remove selected software which are unwanted and consumes disk space in your system.

The name of the software itself suggest that your brand new system comes loaded with stuff and you can slim down your PC by using this freeware.


The application comes with community-sourced knowledge and makes updated recommendation for the software that should stay in your PC as per your requirement. The software runs on Cloud technology which streams on real time basis with online networks for minute to minute updates about the software and applications and their version, no matter how latest they are. Such information helps you to determine the type of software you have installed in your laptop and whether they are appropriate and required for your PC. (reminds me of cloud based Panda Cloud Antivirus)

What actually is removed by this application from brand new system?

Your new PC comes installed with following unnecessary programs, which is removed by SlimComputer freeware:

  • Pre-loaded promotional software
  • Trail offers
  • Unwanted toolbars
  • Advertisement links
  • Automatic service programs consuming resources

The service programs are small helper programs which aids larger application running in your PC. However some of them are unnecessary and consumes resources. With SlimComputer you can disable some of the programs which are not required by you. This will optimize your PC and enhance its speed. SlimComputer will take care of uninstalling all the unwanted programs, and you do not need an uninstaller for that.

Some of its key features in nutshell:

  • It slims down you pre loaded system within few clicks.
  • You can restore anything that is disabled and removed by you so that if you have removed any software mistakenly, that can be recovered with ease.
  • The application comes with tweak start up and Windows services to boost your system performance.
  • Cloud technology helps you to make informed choice among applications.
  • The freeware is loaded with important management tools to help you.

SlimComputer uses rating system to recommend you standing of the software among technicians and knowledgeable person in the field. It works by weighing the ratings of each contributor against their previous levels of accuracy and against the ratings of high-ranking users. The high-ranking users are tech experts having reliable knowledge of the software and their working.

The rating is shown to you in four different colors, each color having its own importance. The recommendation for software can be made to you on the basis of recommended, optional or outdated and you can decide than accordingly.

Once you have removed unwanted software from your new computer, check this list of software for new computer to install and some good software on your computer. You can use Ninite Installer to install all these together, and keep them updated with R-Updater.

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