8 Free Uninstallers: Best Free Software to Uninstall Programs

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Here is a list of 8 of the best free Uninstallers. These free uninstallers help you in removing any program completely, including removing registry entries.

As per Wikipedia:

An Uninstaller is a application software which is designed to remove all or parts of a specific other application software.

Most of the software come with their own uninstall options, but sometimes they do not actually uninstall completely. They might leave behind junk registry entries, settings files, and the folder structures. This can slow down your computer over time.

Best way to uninstall a program from your computer is to use an uninstaller software. These software will completely remove the program from your computer. An uninstaller can delete a program even if the program did not come with an uninstall option.

Here are 8 of the best free Uninstallers that we have come across. First 3 of these are stand-alone uninstallers, and remaining 5 are the uninstallers that come with some advanced system settings tweaking software.

Stand-Alone Uninstallers:

1. IOBit Uninstaller: This is one of my favorite uninstallers. The best feature of IOBit Uninstaller is that you don’t even need to install it. Just download the file, and run it directly. It will remove the program files, as well as registry entries. Download here.

IOBIT Uninstaller

2. PC Decrapifier: As the name suggests, this free uninstaller removes crap from your PC. This is completely free for personal use, but you need to buy a license for commercial use. It lets you easily uninstall multiple programs together. Just select the programs that you want to uninstalle, and this program will take care of the rest. Download here.

PC Decrapifier

3. Ashampoo Magical Uninstall: This is another good free uninstaller. However, what I did not like about this is the registration process. They send you a couple of emails to send you registration code. Once you get pas that, though, it is a pretty good free uninstaller. Download here.

Ashampoo Magic Uninstall

Uninstallers as a part of System Tweaking Utilities:

There are many free system tweaking utilities that include free uninstallers as well. Here are some of those:

1. Glary Utilities: This is my favorite system tweaking utility. I run it on a regular basis to keep my system running fast. It includes an effective uninstaller as well. However, this can uninstall only one program at a time. Download here.

2. TweakNow: TweakNow is another full fledged system management software. Apart from an effective uninstaller, it also includes Disk Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, Startup Manager, and much more. Download here.

3. CCleaner: CCleaner is one of the most popular software to remove unwanted files, and unwanted software from your system. It includes a system cleaner, advanced registry cleaner, system startup manager, and uninstaller. Download here.

4. FCleaner: Like CCleaner, FCleaner also includes various modules to keep your system clean, and remove unwanted files. FCleaner includes a Cleaner, Uninstaller, and a memory optimizer. Download here.

5. WinUtilities: WinUtilities is a collection of system utilities, like Glary Utilities. WinUtilities can optimize and clean up your system, and includes a free uninstaller.

All these free uninstaller software are pretty good, and helps in keeping your system clean.

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