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CloneSpy is a free duplicate file finder. It has a very simple and easy to use interface. It can effectively remove duplicate files from the PC and free up the hard disk space and make your system work faster. This will enable you to trade your free hard disk space for free online space.

Why do I need CloneSpy?

Do you have the habit of download files from the web?  Is your hard disk filled with such files? Do you know which files have unnecessary multiple copies that are present more than once in your PC? Do you want to get rid of such files? If your answer is yes to all these questions, you should make use of the CloneSpy Duplicate File Cleaner.

The best part about this application is that it can greatly help in clearing the disk space. Duplicate files eat up a lot of space and it can slow down the performance of the computer. What CloneSpy will do is identify these files and get rid of them safely from your system.

To find duplicate photos, you can try Duplicate Photo Finder. Another duplicate file finder that we reviewed earlier is Fast Duplicate File Finder.

Here are the features of CloneSpy Duplicate File Finder:

  1. CloneSpy is a free duplicative file removal tool.
  2. It has a very intuitive user interface through which you can easily get rid of unnecessary files off the system.
  3. It identifies duplicate files that have the same filename and deletes them.
  4. It identifies duplicated files that have the same filename and file size and removes them from the system.
  5. It deletes redundant files.
  6. You can safely use this app without the fearing of removing important system files.
  7. If you face any problem while using this app, you can checkout the help for solving all the issues.
  8. It works easily on all kinds of Windows OS including Windows Vista and Windows 7.

One disadvantage with this duplicate file finder is that it finds duplicate files by name. So, if there are duplicate files with different names, it will not find them. Of course, there are free software available to find duplicate files by content as well.

Once you have removed duplicate files from your computer, make sure you defragment hard disk.

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