Smart Defrag: Best Free Defragmentation Software

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There are literally tons of free defragmentation software available, starting with the one built-in Windows itself. All of them share almost same features , with slight difference in functionalities and features. And all of them suffer with same problems too – primarily hogging down your system resources while defragmenting your drive.

Smart Defrag is really different from the rest. As per its name, it is really a smart defragmentation software. Let me sum up its features below:

Intelligent Defragmentation

It runs in the background, and does defragmentation on the fly. While running in background, it does not slows down your system.

Even though it runs in the background and automatically defragments, it is not defragmenting all the time. It intelligently determines when there is a need to defragment, and only then defragments. This increses your hard disk life, and atlso provides you a better experience.

Improve file access speed

Smart Defrag also optimizes your computer speed by determining your most used files, and placing them in fastest areas of disc.

Safety of Data

Smart Defrag uses advanced algorithms while moving your data that ensures that your data is not damaged during defragmentation.

Easy to Use

Smart Defrag is extremely to use. Just install it, and Smart Defrag keeps working on its own without interrupting your work.

And, totally Free

Smart Defrag is a free defragmentation software for personal computers, business or enterprise servers.

This is a great system utility that we love. Download links, and Video Tutorial to use Smart Defrag at the end.

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