Automatically Shutdown, Hibernate, Restart PC With Shutter Auto Shutdown

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Shutter Auto Shutdown is a freeware for Windows that helps to automatically shutdown, hibernate, or restart PC with specified time. That means, you can schedule your PC to either completely shutdown or to go to hibernation mode after a particular interval of time. Automatic shutdown or to schedule other power actions for PC is very useful if you have to go outside in between your work. For example, if you are downloading a movie or maintaining your PC using some PC optimizer software and you have to go away from your computer for a long duration, in that case you can schedule shutdown (for 30 mins, 1 hours, 2 hours etc.) for your computer using Shutter Auto Shutdown.

Once you will set the time, Shutter Auto Shutdown will put your computer into shutdown mode for you at the exact time. But one thing you might miss in this software is automatic PC startup. You can only schedule shutdown but can not schedule startup, as it is possible with other software to schedule PC startup and shutdown.

Shutter Auto Shutdown- interface

You can see beautiful interface of this software in above screenshot where you have to do only two tasks: enter the time (in hours, minutes, and seconds) and select any of the available button according to your requirement. If you need to hibernate your PC, then enter the desired time and hit the HIBERNATE button. This action will schedule hibernate mode for your PC. After this, countdown will begin and your computer will go to hibernate mode.

Shutter Auto Shutdown- hibernate action

Later on, you can resume Windows like usual. In the same way, you can schedule shutdown and restart action. It is one of the simplest software of its own kind.

Note: After resuming Windows from hibernation mode, you need to restart this software to set shutdown, hibernate, or restart action. Otherwise you won’t be able to set time interval.

Key Features of Shutter Auto Shutdown are as Follows:

  • It is useful software to automatically shutdown, restart, or hibernate PC.
  • You can set time interval according to your own wish.
  • It’s a portable software and hence it will run directly without installation.
  • Very lightweight also. Only 74.2 kb in size.
  • Everyone can use it absolutely free.

Similar software we reviewed earlier include: Final Countdown, WinMend Auto Shutdown, Shutti Shutdown Timer, and DShutdown.


Shutter Auto Shutdown works completely fine and shutdown, hibernate, and restart PC at the exact time (time set by you). You can use this software if you mostly leave your desk in between your work. You can schedule any power action and can complete your work in between that time. Hit the below link and get Shutter Auto Shutdown completely free.

Get Shutter Auto Shutdown free.

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