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Final Countdown is a free sleep timer for Windows. It is just like your sleep timer on your TV. But it is for pc’s! It can shutdown , sleep , lock , log off , stand by , hibernate your computer at the time you have selected.

Think about it..You want to download something but you do not want your computer to run all the night long. All you have to do is setting Final Countdown to shutdown (Or whatever you would like it to do) 2 hours later.

Final Countdown

The good and best thing about Final Countdown is Anti-Guest System Comes With it. Anti-Guest System is a Personal Privacy Protection System that stops people from messing up with your pc.

So What It Actually Does? It locks up your pc during the countdown. So you can be sure that no one is messing up your pc while you are sleeping.

You don’t even feel that its running. It starts up in a second. You can minimize it to the task bar so it does not interrupt your work.

It notifies you for your last minutes. On the last 5 minutes and last 1 minute it notifies you with a small pop-up. You can cancel the scheduled action by just one click if you need more time.

Also You can control almost all of its features from the task bar right click menu. You can use task bar menu’s predefined times to do whatever action you would like it to do.

It is customizable! It comes with several different color themes that you can use it however you like.

Its Easy! Anyone with no computer knowledge can use it easily. All you have to do is knowing one of the languages it supports and knowing how to use a mouse.

This free sleep timer is completely free. You do not have to pay anything for it or the updates.

Some of the features of Free Sleep Timer:

  • Shutdown, Restart, lock, log off, stand by, Hibernate your pc at the scheduled time.
  • Anti-Guest (It protects your pc from strangers. Think about it. You have scheduled final countdown to shutdown your pc 2 hours alter. And you are sleeping by the time. That’a where anti-guest takes the place. It locks up your computer,so no one can access it while you are sleeping.)
  • Automatic Updates (You can always be sure about you have the latest and the best version Of Final Countdown)
  • Customizable Interface Colors.
  • Very Easy Interface.
  • Fast,Stable And Reliable.
  • Notifications.
  • Turkish And English Language support.

Final Countdown is easy to use, and totally free. Other similar software we reviewed earlier include: WinMend, and ForOffPC.

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Works With: Windows
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