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Here are 5 Best free PC optimizer that can improve pc speed. All these system optimizers tweak different parts of PC so as to improve PC performance, and speed up computer. These PC optimizer reduce start up time, remove registry errors, remove temporary files, fix shortcut errors, help uninstalled unwanted programs, defragment registry, and more. All these operations ensure that you do not have junk on your PC, and PC is able to run optimally. If you have been using your PC since a long time, and have not used any of these PC optimizers earlier, you might be surprised with the performance boost that your PC is able to achieve with these free PC speed up software.

Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is free set of tools that allows you to optimize your PC and speed up the computing operations in the system. The application is set of utilities that are apt for the selection when it comes to your system maintenance and system performance tuning. The application contains registry cleaner, optimizers, disk cleaners etc. that will help you to improve your system performance and will speed your system running for more faster workings.

We have been personally using Glary Utilities since quite some time, and absolutely love it. The app is one click solution for any kind of PC performance problems as you will be able to solve your PC problems with this set utilities and it is more reliable and easy way to trouble shoot your system problems that hinders your system performances and slow them down. The freeware PC optimizer is available on web and you can download the package free of cost without spending any extra penny. Improve your PC speed with all kind of tools in the tool set.

When you use this PC performance tuner for the first time, you might want to just go with 1-click tuning suggestion that it provides. That will scan your registry for errors, find unwanted programs in start up, find temporary files, and more. Once you have done this, you can do ongoing performance tuning with the specific option that you want.

This freeware contains performance accelerator and amazing multifunctional tools that can be used by novice and professionals to speed up PC . The user-friendly interface and functions makes this freeware really handy and useful. Read more about Glary Utilities, or download free here.

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SlimCleaner is another free PC optimization utility that is designed to help you improve your PC performance so that your system works faster than before and you can complete your work soon enough. Optimize your computer system using this utility as the freeware is easy to download and uses Cloud technology, which analyzes software in your system and makes necessary recommendation based on collective knowledge of IT professionals and technicians. These recommendations greatly help you in improving PC performance.

The PC optimizer has some useful utility programs that require your PC for optimal speed up PC and proper working of the application. The Cleaner utility tool scans your PC for errs and temporary files which consumes unnecessary space in your computer and slow them down. The tool deletes useless temporary files and makes space in your system memory so that you can use such space for more important files and data.

The other utility that freeware shares is optimize utility and shredder utility that enhance your computer stability and performance by optimizing system processes for you. The programs are designed to give your computer a boost. The application is fully customizable so that you direct the program to work according to your settings and improve PC speed. You can schedule scans periodically and avoids inconsistency in the performance. Read more about SlimCleaner, or download free here.


CCleaner is another freeware to speed up computer.  This free PC optimization tool cleans your PC and removes all the external odds like registry entries and unwanted files. These errors consume your disk space and your system gets slower as the time pass. The application is free to download and helps your system to run faster by deleting the unwanted files and making your disk space available.

The system cleaner tool in the package is apt tool for your system, which removes unwanted files and folders from your PC along with temp files and cookies. The freeware list all the files, which it deletes from your system and you, can make selection in the list as per your specifications. It lists the items to remove from your system in categories of Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer and system selections.

The package also includes advanced registry cleaner that scans your registry entries in your system. Many times, there are registries of the uninstalled programs and files and many broken and useless entries that accumulates in your system and consumes your disk space. The tool is developed with advanced technology that detects the useless and incomplete registry entries in your system and fixes your PC problems. CCleaner also provides tools for managing the programs that run when Windows starts. For more added functions, you can also club this with CCEnhancer. Read more about CCleaner, or download free here.

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TweakNow is free suite for PC speed optimization that offers you such programs and functions that will help you to speed up PC, and optimize your computer to improve PC performance. The freeware is complete suite offering you all kinds of tools and function to fix your PC problems along with registry cleaner, registry defragmenter, start up manager and all such tools you might use periodically.

The system tools in the suite help you to clean your system and improve your disk memory allocation so that your system runs faster and your can complete your job faster. You can use this application suite free of cost as the programs in the package are very simple to use and included in the suite to help all kinds of users for disk cleaning and PC speed optimization.

The freeware can be used by professionals and novice both as the programs are automatic and simple yet effective and technical. The modules in the suite have integrated technology and simplicity that helps users to enhance their PC speed and at the same time, you can easily customize your Windows like professional system admins do. Read more about TweakNow, or download free here.


nCleaner is free suite of system utilities containing modules that can be customized by the users and remove unnecessary files and folders, manage start up and cleans registry  items in your system. The suite will help you to improve system performance by freeing the disk space and helping your system to run faster than before. Periodically cleaning your system lets you manage all the aspects of system performance by providing a comprehensive suite of utilities.

The system cleaner tool in the application is just like any other system cleaner in all the other programs. But it is quite effective and simple to use. It cleans your system and applications by removing useless and old files and items like temp files, registry entries and list of recently used files.

Apart from system cleaner, nCleaner has a real-time space monitor that can deletes your temp files when your hard disk space reduces and comes with a secure shredder to completely delete unwanted files from your system. The freeware is customizable and can be directed as what and when to do. Read more about nCleaner, or download free here.

Some other system optimizers that are worth mention are: WinUtilities Free, and FCleaner. If you use some other PC optimizer that you think should have been featured here, do let us know in comments.

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