nCleaner: Free Utilites to Improve System Performance

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nCleaner is a free suite of system utilities to tweak your system settings, remove unneccessary files, clean registry, manage startup items, and a lot more. Normally, you need multiple system utilites to take care of all these items, but nCleaner lets you manage all the aspects of system performance by providing a comprehensive suite of utilities. nCleaner is really good, and completely free for non-commercial use.

Download nCleaner suite of system utilities
Till now, I had only found Glary Utilities that is a full fledged suite of system utilities. When I found nCleaner, I was really suprised to see how many features have been included in this.

nCleaner has following main modules:

Clean System

Clean System Registry

nCleaner lets you clean your system of all the unnecessary files. This includes temp files, backup files, list of recently used files etc. Apart from that, nCleaner also comes with a full fledged registry cleaner that keeps your registry clean by removing old and invalid registry entries. Keeping your registry clean is a very important step towards improving the performance of your system. nCleaner does this very well.

Startup Manager

Startup Manager

Many of the software add themselves to startup option of Windows, so that they are automatically started as soon as system is started. This causes 2 problems: Your system would take more time to boot, and your system will be in general slow as all those programs will keep running in background. nCleaner comes with a very easy to use Startup Manager that shows you all the items that get started when your system starts, and you can disable any item that you do not want.

Apart from this, nCleaner also comes with following features:

  • nCleaner has a real time space monitor that can delete your temp files when your hard disk space reduces.
  • nCleaner comes with a secure shredder to completely delete unwanted files from your system.
  • nCleaner lets you tweak some other system settings as well.

If you want to keep your system optimized, nCleaner can let you address all the aspects of that. It is easy to use, very effective, and completely free for non-commercial use.

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