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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is a free website that provides workout posters that provide various different type of workouts that you can do without using any equipment. It provides workouts for different difficulty levels, different objectives, and different body parts (Abs, etc.).

You can download posters in form of high resolution PDFs that you can print and paste on your wall, so that you can quickly refer to it for doing workouts. It does not provide any option to track your progress, like, option to track weight loss. But the simplicity of this website is its main feature, that ensures you do not get inundated with any complication.

Neila Ray

Get Free Visual Workout Posters:

NeilaRey is a pretty good website if you are looking for workout PDFs that you can download and print. There are various different type of posters available and posters are regularly updated. You can select which type of workouts you want to do, and get corresponding posters.

Following categories of workouts are provided:

  • Strength
  • High Burn
  • Abs / Core
  • HIIT
  • Daily / Casual
  • Superhero
  • Micro

Under each category, several workout posters are available. There are almost 100 workout posters available at time of writing of this article.

Abs Workout Posters

Just click on any poster to get a high resolution PDF file that you can download. It is absolutely free to download the PDF and you do not even need to register.

Apart from these workouts, there are some other features that this website provides.

Other Features Available in This Website:

Programs: This website provides many longer duration programs as well, like: 90 days of Action, 30 Days of Challenge, and From Walking to Running in 30 days. You can follow these programs to achieve the stated objective. Again, these programs do not require any exercise equipment. These programs tell you exactly what you have to do on each day, and you can just follow that.

Walking To Running Program


Challenges: These are again longer duration workout routines that you have to complete as a challenge. Some example challenges are: 50 push ups 30 day challenge, Cardio 30-day challenge, ab 30-day challenge, etc. For these also, this website tells exactly what you have to do each day.

Apart from these, this website also provides some basic training tips, as well as nutrition tips, and some recipes for healthy foods. You can use some online meal planner and calorie counters to keep track of your food intake.

My Verdict:

What I love in this website is its sheer simplicity. It does not asks complicated questions about you to try to suggest you a custom workout for you, like many other websites to create exercise schedule do. Instead, it just provides simple workouts of varying difficulty levels, that you can print and keep handy. Just glance at your workout and do accordingly. And the fact that these workouts do not require any exercise equipment mean that you can get started immediately, without spending any money.

Checkout here.

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