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Eat This Much is a free online meal planner which you can use in order to find out what would be the best diet plan for you based on the number of calories that you want to consume each day. You will get a detailed list of meals and of course the amounts that you need to eat in order to stay within the number of calories that you have beforehand entered into the calculator.

Eat This Much Online meal planner

This free online meal planner is an online service, which means that in order to use it you just need a web browser. Image above is a screenshot of the homepage and the first step of this free online meal planner. At the bottom of the image you can see the main input field, which is where you’ll need to enter the number of calories that you want to consume.

Key Features of Eat This Much Online Meal Planner:

  • Calculates three meals based on the number of calories you enter.
  • Comes with a large database of foods, dishes, and recipes.
  • Lists the ingredients needed to create the suggested dish.
  • Nutrition generator for weight loss, maintaining or muscle buildup.
  • Lists the carbohydrate, fat, and protein info and estimated money cost.

Eating healthy isn’t an easy thing to do these days. Most people do not know how to eat properly, what kind of foods would be OK to have in their diets. Here’s how you can find that out easily with Eat This Much free online meal planner.

How to Generate a Diet Plan and Eat Healthy with Eat This Much?

First enter the number of calories that you want to consume. If you’re not sure what this number should be, click on the Not Sure button, see image above. This will open up the Nutrition calculator:

Eat This Much nutrition calculator

Here, you’ll need to enter things like your height, weight, age, activity level, body fat amount, and lastly what you hope to achieve, lose weight, maintain health or build muscle. Click Calculate and you will get a number of calories that you need to take in with your food to reach your goal. Click Use these settings to automatically copy the number to the diet planner and there click Generate.

Eat This Much plan created

After clicking generate you will be presented with the meal plan which was generated just for you. Everything will be grouped in three meals, and if you hover your mouse over a certain dish you’ll be able to see a more detailed list of ingredients. With the mouse hover the unit of measure can also be changed from the default rounding up with cups and servings to actual grams, which is a nice touch.


Eat This Much is a very helpful service where you can find what to eat in order to lose weight or to stay fit. Next to the free account you also have paid account where you get a detailed list of ingredient in print form, more recipes, and so on. Try it, there’s no registration needed to use the free account. You may also try KitchenTimerAndroid Recipe App, and Chef’s Kitchen Android Timer App reviewed by us.

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