Free Weight Loss Tracking Websites

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Here are some websites that help you in tracking your weight loss. Most of these websites allow you to log in your food and keep a daily journal of your weight loss activities. Here is a list of websites which let your calorie intake information for free.



One of the best websites I came across to keep you on track for your weight loss. To join the website you have to create an account by signing up. After signing up you need to set you goals as to what you want to achieve. Then you can start logging in your daily activity. Like calories that you eat, calories burned in exercising etc. The website also has an option to create a blog. If you like to write down your activities for the day then blog would be a great option. Also you can choose if you want to share your blog with everybody or just your friends. Sometimes during a day things happen that motivate you. You can share these stories with other people on the website to help them stay motivated as well. The best feature is the community and forum where people discuss each other’s goals and help each other. It’s easier to talk to people going through the same experience as you. Also it is a great motivation to get advice from people who have been there and done that. Apart from the website MyFitnessPal also has an app available for iPhone or iPod users. It also lets you connect your MyFitnessPal account with your Facebook profile to share your journey with your friends.

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Another free website to keep you on track with your weight loss goals. This website also requires you to sign up and become a member to start using it. But the sign up is free. Once you are a member, you can sign in and start logging in your activities. You will have to set goals for your weight loss on the website. After setting of goals, you can log in you daily calories intake, calories burned, etc. You also have an option to keep a daily journal of your activities. The forum is of great importance as you can take advice from pros or people who have been successful at losing weight. There is also an option to participate in a challenge. Usually created by people with a certain goal and with a dead line. If you want to challenge yourself you can choose to participate in one of these challenges. DailyBurn also has an iPhone or iPod app available for people to keep track of their weight loss program on the go.



For this website also you will need to create a member account which is free. After creating your account, you will have to enter your current health stats and your goal weight. After that you can start logging in your daily activity with the website. You can put in calories you ate, calories you burned, water consumption, etc. Through the community you can also find people near you who also are on a mission to lose weight. It is always better to have somebody to motivate you and push you when you really need it. The website also has a large food database. So when you enter a name for a food item and search. It will bring up the calories related to that food item for you. Then all you have to do is to add that item to your food log and it will automatically count your calories. On the website MyCalorieCounter you can also share your day or your progress with other people through a blog.

Some other options you can also try are: Skinnyo, and eFit Calorie Counter.

Fit Day:


You can sign up and create a free account on this website as well. Once you sign in you can log in your daily activity easily. Apart from the online account this website also provides you an app for your iPhone or iPod. So with this app you can keep track of all your activities, even when you are not home. The website also provides you paid version software to download and install on your PC. But the free online account is sufficient in itself. It covers all the information to keep track of your weight loss. This website Fit Day also provides you with a journal to keep an account of your daily activity. You can share this with friends or keep it just for your viewing.

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