10 Free Websites to Listen to Coffee Shop Ambient Sounds

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Here are 10 free websites to listen to coffee shop ambient sounds. These websites play hustle and bustle of coffee shop, which gives you a feeling of actually sitting in a coffee shop while working. These websites have different type of coffee shop sounds, like, sounds from different coffee shops around the world, sounds during different times of the day (morning murmur, evening rush, etc.), and even coffee shop sounds combined with other sounds. Some of these websites let you listen to coffee shop sounds online only, while some also let you download coffee shop sounds that you can play even when you are not connected to internet.



Coffitivity is my favorite website in the list, despite the fact that it is not really as feature rich as some of the other websites. The reason I like this website the most is because the sole purpose of this website is to play coffee shop sounds. As soon as you go to this website, it will start playing coffee shop sound. Nothing to be done, no account to be created, no settings to be tweaked.


And the coffee shop ambient sound that it plays is pretty nice. It does gives you option to choose from a bunch of coffee shop sounds like, Morning Murmur, Lunchtime Lounge, University Undertones. There are a few more sounds, but they are paid ($9 per year). I use the free version, and really like the sounds included in that. If you just want a simple no BS website to play coffee shop sound, just open this website and enjoy the coffee shop sound right away. In terms of controls, it gives you option to pause / play sound and adjust volume.


HipsterSound is another website to listen to ambient coffee shop noise. As is the case with Coffitivity, this website also primarily has sounds for coffee shops only. There are 3 different coffee shop sounds that are included for free (Buzzy of a busy Texas Cafe, Less Charmants Cafe de Paris, Gentle Hum of a Quiet Restaurant). Just choose the type of coffee shop sound that you want to listen to and press the Play button.


In addition to cafe sounds, there are a few more ambient sounds that you can listen to in this. You can choose sounds of Buffet Car, Countryside Bar, Snow Cafe, Night club, Windy Terrace. You can turn on or off these sounds from the sidebar.

This also has a paid option in which it gives you access to a few  more coffee shop sounds, but the free version is good enough for me.


MyNoise is an online ambiant sound generator that has tons of natural sounds to improve concentration. What we are interested in is its Coffee-Shop Background Noise Generator (the link above will directly take you there). Unlike the websites listed earlier, this does not gives you options to choose from different coffee shop sounds. Instead, it does even better: It lets you control each aspect of coffee shop sound to customize it as per your liking. Various sound levels that you can customize are Rumble, Restaurant, Babble, Chatter, Mess, Cafeteria, Table, and Kitchen. You can control all these sounds by using sliders.


I found that I liked the sound with higher sound of Kitchen and Table, and low on chatter. You can play around with sliders to see which combination you like more. If you want to save the slider settings, then you can use options at bottom right for the same. It also gives you an option to generate a minified player, which will open a small window which you can move around.


This is another fantastic website for coffee shop sounds. In fact, it has a huge collection of coffee shop sounds, with many unique ones. Some of the included coffee shop sounds are: Old Turkish Cafe, A Rainy Cafe, Venice Cafe, City Bistro, Quiet Cafe, City Cafe, and many more. Overall, more than 20 coffee shop sounds are available.

Now, the variety of coffee shop sounds it offers is just one part of its uniqueness. Another great aspect is that it further lets you tune each coffee shop sound, in the same manner as we saw in “My Noise” above. For example, I played around with “Old Turkish Cafe”. It was sound of a Turkish cafe, with rain falling over tent and fire in fireplace. In that, the sound streams that could be modified include fireplace sound, sound of rain on tent, sound of stirring the cup, and more.

Old Turkish Cafe Sound

I really liked this particular cafe, and spent quite a while listening to it.


Noisili is a very popular background noise generator that has various background sounds to improve focus and increase productivity. One of the background sounds it has is coffee shop background noise. You just need to go to homepage of Noisili and click on the coffee cup icon to start this sound.


Only option it gives is to adjust the volume of the sound, without any option to adjust individual streams of the sound. Also, I found the level of chatter more in this as compared to some of the other websites, and that actually sometime distracted me towards the background sound, kinda defeating the purpose. Nevertheless, this website is one of the most popular websites for background noises and definitely deserves a try.

A Soft Murmur

A Soft Murmur is another interesting website to hear Coffee Shop Ambient Sound. The only interface of this website is its homepage, and you can do everything from there. When you land on the homepage of this website, you will see multiple ambient sound options, and Coffee Shop Sound is one of them. To play coffee shop sound, just click on it, and then play the big Play button at the top. You can use the volume slider below the coffee shop sound to adjust volume level.

Apart from coffee shop sound, it provides many other sounds as well, like, Rain, Thunder, Waves, Wind, Fire, Birds, Crickets, White Noise, etc.

A Soft Murmur Homepage

Now, there is another interesting feature that this ambient noise website has that really impressed me. You can actually mix multiple sounds, and adjust volume level of each of them individually. For example, you can add Rain and Thunder sounds to Coffee Shop sound. You can adjust volume level of each of them individually to get your perfect custom ambient sound. I personally liked the combination of Coffee Shop Sound with Fire Sound a lot.

Apart from this, this ambient sound generator also provides timers. You can set timer to start sound after a specific time, or stop playing sound after a specific time, or even fade the sound after specified time.

Also, I noticed that it saved the settings that I did. So, whenever I open the website again, it automatically has my favorite combination of Coffee Shop sound preset for it.


Soundrown is pretty much a replica of A Soft Murmur in terms of how it works. It has multiple ambient sounds on its homepage, including Coffee Shop Sound. To play Coffee Shop Sound, just click on it, and it will start playing. You can adjust the volume of this sound. In addition to this, it provides other sounds as well, like, Rain, Waves, Fire, Birds, Night, Train, Fountain, Playground, etc.

Soundrown Homepage

Each comes with its own individual volume control, and you can play many of them together and adjust individual volumes to create your custom ambient sound. Try Coffee Shop sound with Fountain in this.


Defonic is another simplistic Coffee Shop Ambient Noise Generator. It is too simple actually. Just click on the link I gave above, and it will start playing coffee shop sound (pretty good one, actually). There is a small slider that controls the intensity of the rain alongwith the coffee shop sound. There is no other customization option available.

Defonic Homepage

There are other sounds as well, like, Ocean Sound, Evening Bonfire, Forest sound, etc. But all of them can be played individually only, and can’t be mixed with other sounds.


There is no way this list of Coffee Shop Sounds could have been included without including YouTube in it. Without any doubt, it has to be the biggest collection of Coffee Shop related sounds; whether it is coffee shop ambient sound, or coffee shop music, or just coffee shop mixes. Whatever you want to hear in your coffee shop ambient sound, you will surely find it here. The link above goes to a specific Coffee Shop sound Playlist that I found most impressive.Youtube Coffee Shop Sounds

Of course, there are a lot more where this came from and if you just spend some time looking around for coffee shop sounds, you will be spoilt for choice. If you don’t want to keep the Youtube open while playing these, then use VLC player to play YouTube, or just use some desktop YouTube client, and enjoy these ambient coffee shop sounds.


Of course, if I included YouTube as a great resource for Coffee shop sounds, I have to include SoundCloud as well. The collection of Coffee Shop sounds on SoundCloud is way lesser than what is available on YouTube, but it comes with added advantage that you can just stream sound, instead of playing video as well (that you have to do on YouTube), and save tons of bandwidth.

Soundcloud Coffee Shop Sounds

And availability of so many SoundCloud downloaders as well as SoundCloud Desktop clients mean that you can listen to Coffee Shop sounds on your desktop as much as you want.


It is an established fact that Coffee Shops help in enhancing creativity. If you don’t have the luxury of visiting a coffee shop every now and then, you can use Coffee Shop Ambient sound websites in this list to simulate coffee shop environment in your home or office.

I really like all the websites included in this list and don’t have any particular one that is favorite. However, I did prefer those that came with customization option to mix multiple sounds, to further make the default coffee shop sounds more interesting.

Which one of these did you like the most to hear coffee shop sounds? Do let me know in the comments below.

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