4 Free SoundCloud Downloader Software for Windows 10

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Here are 4 free SoundCloud downloader software for Windows 10.

For those who need some utility to easily download SoundCloud tracks without any browser and directly from the desktop, I have created this list of free SoundCloud downloaders for Windows 10. Most of these SoundCloud downloaders let you download public tracks while some of these software are capable to grab the entire collection of a SoundCloud user.

Each individual SoundCloud downloader for Windows 10 listed here includes unique features too. You can bulk download SoundCloud tracks, convert SoundCloud tracks, download a public playlist, etc.

So, let’s start with the first SoundCloud downloader software for Windows 10 available in this list.


Vlufi- free SoundCloud downloader software for Windows 10

Vlufi is one of the best SoundCloud downloader software for Windows 10. Its unique feature to convert downloaded tracks and keep both original and converted tracks makes it more useful. You can also set audio bitrate and conversion format (M4a, MKV, MP3, WAV, WMA, etc.) to convert the downloaded tracks. You also don’t have to manually convert SoundCloud tracks. As soon as the download is completed, it automatically converts those tracks based on the settings set by you.

Another great feature comes with this SoundCloud downloader is that you can download maximum 100 tracks simultaneously. All you have to do is paste the URLs of SoundCloud tracks and begin the download process. Downloaded and converted tracks are saved to the default location or you have the choice to set a custom destination folder.

These are some really good features based on which I can recommend this SoundCloud downloader to you guys. Apart from these fantastic features, you will be happy to know that you can also use it as Facebook video downloader and converter software. Simply paste URLs of Facebook videos, set conversion format (FLV, 3GP, MP4, etc.) and download them together.

Full review is here.


Lacey- interface

Lacey (also known as Free Music & Video Downloader) is another handy SoundCloud downloader software for Windows 10. You can search for a particular SoundCloud track by entering keywords and then it shows suggestions. Before downloading a track, you can preview the track, which is a unique and very good feature. Apart from this, it shows Track name, Artist, Bitrate (if possible), Duration, and Album. All this information will help you ensure that you are going to download the correct track.

You can also select multiple tracks and download them together. Up to 10 simultaneous downloads are supported. This free SoundCloud downloader also brings conversion feature and helps to convert downloaded files to MP3.

You might also be surprised to know that this software can be used to download songs from many other popular sources. For example, you can download songs from 8tracks, MixCloud, Vimeo, BandCamp, MP3Fusion, and more.

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SoundCloudTracksDownloader- interface

SoundCloudTracksDownloader lets you download a single track, an entire album (public only), or download all the tracks of a particular artist (excluding his/her private collections). The third option will help you download only the tracks which are uploaded by artist, and not his/her likes and playlists. So, if you have any of these requirements, then this is a really good SoundCloud downloader software for Windows 10.

It has the interface similar to Command Prompt window, but using this software is very simple. You first need to select a download option, paste the URL of album or track, enter destination location URL, and then it will automatically download that SoundCloud track or album for you.

dhAUD SoundCloud

dhAUD SoundCloud- interface

dhAUD SoundCloud is a very simple SoundCloud downloader software for Windows 10. It is surely a good choice when you have to download all the public Tracks of a particular SoundCloud artist or user. However, only the tracks that belong to the artist (uploaded by the artist) can be downloaded using this software. You can’t download Liked songs and playlists. So, if your need is to download SoundCloud tracks of a particular user only, this software is worthy.

You need to enter the username of SoundCloud user and select the maximum number of tracks that you want to fetch. After that, you need to click on Find Audio… button and it will display the tracks. From that list, you can select tracks that you want to download and use Run button to save those tracks to the destination location of your choice.

Note: I also wanted to include another useful and one of my favorite SoundCloud downloaders in this list, named as Simple SoundCloud Downloader, but neither its stable version nor its beta version worked correctly on my Windows 10 PC. Although I was able to find songs on its interface using its beta version, but at the time of downloading, I received errors. I believe this bug should be taken care and fix by the developer soon.

The Verdict:

The most useful SoundCloud downloader for Windows 10 in this entire list is Vlufi. It is an all in one SoundCloud downloader and converter software. Lacey, the runner-up, is my favorite software because it can download multiple tracks from different sources. Rest of the SoundCloud downloaders have their own places and can be used as per the need.

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