Free Lightweight SoundCloud Desktop App: SoundStreamer

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Update 2022: This software no longer exists. Try some other alternative now.

Soundstreamer is a free desktop application for Soundcloud. This Soundcloud software is radically lightweight and contains quite small number of interactive features. SoundStreamer is completely open-source and it proclaims itself as the first desktop client for SoundCloud. I do feel it is a little far-fetched (or maybe not) as SoundNode has existed before SoundStreamer came into being (If I am wrong, do correct me). Soundstreamer has maintained the looks and feel of SoundCloud. However, for the sake of speed, a few visual and functional features have also been stripped. If you feel SoundStreamer doesn’t meet your requirements, don’t stall and check out our review of SoundNode.

soundstreamer main

There are a lot more apps and tools to get a better experience of SoundCloud. When you become addicted to a song on SoundCloud, the first question that bugs your mind is how to download that song. To solve that problem for you, we have reviewed 4 free SoundCloud downloader apps to download undownloadable songs hosted by SoundCloud. If you feel more comfortable with SoundCloud on the browser, get SoundCloud Controller. It’s a Chrome extension to control SoundCloud tracks with a small panel at the top-right of Chrome.

Without taking much time, let’s see what SoundStreamer offers.

How to use SoundStreamer to Browse Music on SoundCloud

soundstreamer login

Installation package of SoundStreamer was really small and it barely took time to install it. You’ll have to log-in with your SoundCloud account when the application is launched. On the interface, there are two main sections: Main and Playlist.


The Main section is where you can stream various tracks. Click on Stream and you will be greeted by your own uploads. To keep the application lightning fast, I believe the developer has stripped off the track art from the tracks. As soon as you select a track, it begins to buffer and play instantly. If you look at the bottom-right you’ll see a red arrow. Click on it to open the visualization.

I experienced problems with Likes and My Tracks as both wouldn’t open. My Tracks refused to budge while ‘Likes’ kept on loading.

playlist soundstreamer

The Playlist worked perfectly. All the songs I loaded to a playlist were loaded without any issues.

So what did I find missing in this app? I could not find a platform to browse tracks currently trending in the Charts. Discovering new tracks would have been difficult if the search bar wasn’t included in SoundStreamer. Just type-in the keyword that will help you find the songs you like.

Hotkeys to control SoundStreamer can be reviewed in the Settings panel. The hotkeys have to be toggled-on to use them.

Final Words

As compared to SoundNode, I feel SoundStreamer lacks a ton of features. SoundNode looks way better than SoundStreamer. SoundNode also lets you discover the best tracks in its Stream section, unlike what I experienced with SoundStreamer. However, I do feel SoundStreamer is faster to load as compared to SoundNode. After balancing out the pros and cons of SoundStreamer, I would like to rate it 4.3 stars out of 5.

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