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Tweepi is a Twitter follower management tool that lets you mass unfollow Twitter followers, unfollow those who are not following you back, and mass follow those whom you are not following. Tweepi provides all the information about your followers in form of stats, and you can sort Twitter followers based on their stats to decide which ones you want to follow or unfollow.

The best part about Tweepi is that it is completely free. It is going to launch premium accounts also shortly, which promises to provide even additional features. Tweepi is completely online, and you do not need to download or install anything to use this free Twitter follower management tool.


Tweepi is one of the best and easiest to use Twitter follower management tool. It uses OAuth authentication to login to your Twitter account. Once you login, it shows you information about your account in form of a nice dashboard. You can see all the Twitter users who are following you, along with some nice stats about them, like, when was their last tweet, how many tweets they sent in a week, how many links they tweeted etc.

All these stats are sortable, and you can sort on any field to see corresponding Twitter users. For example, if you do not like people who tweet a lot, you can sort by number of tweets, then select checkbox against them, and choose to Unfollow them.

Here are some of the Twitter Follower Management features of Tweepi:

Mass Unfollow: Tweepi lets you mass unfollow Twitter followers. By just one click, you can unfollow all those Twitter users whom you are following, but they are not following you back. Also check out other mass unfollow tools.

Reciprocate: In the same manner, you can also mass follow those Twitter users who are following you, but they are not following you back. Be careful while selecting this option as you might end up following back lot of spam Twitter users. Instead, a better idea would be to go to Reciprocate screen to see which Twitter users you are not following, and then selectively follow the ones whom you want to follow back. The sorting feature would come handy while making this determination.

Cleanup: This feature lets you selectively unfollow the Twitter followers. You can choose sorting features to find the Twitter users who have not tweeted in a long time, or find those who tweet a lot, or find those who are just spam. You can use checkboxes against each user to select multiple Twitter follower together, and mass unfollow them. Also check out nest.unclutterer.

Tweepi helps you Find Interesting Twitter users to Follow:

Tweepi also provides interesting way to find Twitter users that match your taste, and mass follow them. It provides four different ways to do that:

Follow all followers of a friend: Just provide name of a Twitter user, and Tweepi will start following all followers of that user. This is a good option to build your own Twitter list as some of the people have auto-follow option enabled. Let’s say you have interest in finance, and want to get Twitter followers that have interest in that. You can mass follow Twitter followers of some other popular Finance related Twitter user. Many of those Twitter followers might start following you back, and you start building list of Twitter followers. Note: This technique most of the times results in getting lots of spam followers as well. So, do keep using mass unfollow feature of Tweepi to flush out such users.

Follow all Friends of a Twitter User: This option of Tweepi allows you to follow all those Twitter user that a particular Twitter user is following.

Follow Selective People from a List: If you want to selective follow people from any list, just provide Twitter username of the person who maintains that list, and then Tweepi will show you all the lists maintained by that person. From that, select the list that you are interested in, and Tweepi will show you details of all the users in that list. Just select the users from that list that you want to follow.

Find Information about Many Twitter users: Another great use of Tweepi is to find information about lot of Twitter users together. Just enter names of up to 100 Twitter users, and Tweepi will show you stats about them. You can organize and sort them, and choose the ones that you want to mass follow.

Tweepi is quite a fantastic tool to manage your Twitter account. It is always a good idea to keep using such tool after every few weeks, so that your Twitter list remains clean. Only thing I am afraid about such free Twitter tools is that how long will it survive. I have seen lot of amazing Twitter tools shutting down simply because they did not have a monetization model (like, Tweepler, FakeFollowers, Buzzom, and Tweepular). In case of Tweepi, I see that they are trying to get ads from BuySellAds, and also planning to sell Premium accounts. I hope they are successful in both, so that this amazing tool stays afloat.

Try Tweepi free.

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