Power Twitter: Twitter plugin for Firefox and Safari

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I am a big fan of Twitter (even though I do not tweet as much). One of the great things I like about Twitter is its API – anyone can create innovative applications for Twitter using this API, and this has indeed resulted in some cool applications, like Tweet Your PC. It is a known fact that Twitter interface itself is quite basic, and most of the people actually prefer to use Twitter from other clients, like TweetDeck, TwitHive, and Twinja.

Download Power Twitter plugin for Firefox Safari Greasemonkey

Power Twitter is another great free tool for Twitter that installs as a free plugin for Firefox, Safari, and GreaseMonkey. When you have Power Twitter installed in your Firefox/Safari/GreaseMonkey, it really enhances the web interface of Twitter. The interesting feature of Power Twitter is that it directly enhances web interface of Twitter, so it becomes more useful, and fun to use.

Here are some of the features of Power Twitter:

  • Most of the URLs in tweets are shortened, using tools like J.MP. This does not gives much idea that which website are those URLs pointing to. Power Twitter expands all such URLs directly in your tweets, so you can easily see what those URLs are actually pointing to.
  • On the same lines, Power Twitter also embeds your media directly in the tweets. So, if you friend have added URL of media from Flicker, YouTube, TwitPic etc., Power Twitter directly embeds that media in your tweets (If you want to show your Flickr photos in Twitter, you can use TwitterGram).
  • Power Twitter has an interesting feature called Peek. Basically, you can hover over any avatar of your friends, and Power Twitter will show you recent tweets from them.
  • Power Twitter also has some features to track updates of your Facebook friends. This provides you one common place to track both Twitter as well as Facebook updates.

Power Twitter is really good for if you normally access Twitter from its web interface. This would greatly enhance your Twitter experience, and make it more fun to use. If you work on Microsoft Outlook most of the time, you can integrate Twitter functionality in Outlook using TwInBox.

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Works With: Firefox, Safari, GreaseMonkey
Free/Paid: Free

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