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ID Vault is a very powerful online accounts information protection software that you can use in order to protect login information and also credit card numbers, which once stolen can cause you a lot of grief. When credit card information ends up in the wrong hands, you could lose money very easily, since there’s practically no protection on them, this is where ID Vault can help a great deal and protect your information.

ID Vault default window

As you open up ID Vault for the first time you’ll be prompted to enter a PIN number that you will use to access the program. This PIN has to have between 4 and 8 numbers, and make sure that you remember it correctly because there’s only 4 attempts at entering it before you’re in trouble with the program, since it will think that you’re an intruder trying to break into the original owners information that’s stored in ID Vault. Adding account information into ID Vault is very easy, in fact it’s automatic.

Protecting your online accounts with ID Vault

After you’ve created the PIN number, right after that you will receive a notification where it says that you simply open up in your browser the website where you want your account protected by this online ID theft protection software, and the program will automatically pick up on what you’re doing and offer you to save the info. But after we’ve tried that in Firefox, left ID Vault running in the background while logging into Gmail, nothing happened, so we decided to try in Internet Explorer and sure enough ID Vault popped up with add account message.

ID Vault add account

Click on the Add Now option, you won’t get pretty much any kind of notification that the account was successfully added, but if you click on the tray icon of ID Vault it should be there:

ID Vault added Google

Now when you open up the website where you’ve logged in, another pop up will come from the ID Vault offering you to open up the website that you’re on:

ID Vault click to open

Clicking on that small pop up will open a new browser tab/window where you are automatically logged in. It’s not even necessary to open up the website in the browser, just click on the tray icon and from there you select the account that you want to access, ID Vault will open up the browser and login automatically.

Free version limitations, tips and conclusions

What we were testing is the free version of ID Vault. Free version has all the same features that the paid version has only you are limited to:

  • 4 online accounts protected and
  • 1 credit card number protected

By buying one of the paid version you can protect more of your online accounts from theft. Advice that you should follow is that you are sure that your computer is clean before you store your passwords inside ID Vault, because if you store your password and your computer is infected, you private info is still in danger of being lost. Program does what it says, and there’s a lot more features that we didn’t mention. Although we had some problems with Firefox, you can contact the support if you have any kind of problems and they’ll help you out, use it to increase your protection.

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