HTML Guardian: Free Software to Protect Online Data Theft

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HTML Guardian is a free software that will provide safety to your web content and will prevent online threats and thefts of your intellectual property. Web development is something that has attained recent appreciation from the Internet industry and many developers and people are plunging into it. You can also read Anti Keylogger and DiskCryptor to protect your computer data from theft.

Many intellectual properties are created online, which are created by using immense effort and experience. From image editing to programming, everything created on the web is prone to theft by online thieves and content sniffers. This increase in number of cyber thefts has lead to need for such programs, which will protect your data and web contents and keep them safe online.

HTML Guardian

HTML Guardian is one such free tool that encrypts and protects your intellectual property online and makes you tension free. This free security tool will protect your code and digital data, including Javascript, HTML, VBscript, ASP code and applets, music, images, and more. HTML Guardian makes it nearly impossible to steal your intellectual property online.

You can check out its new image protection feature so that your professional looking images are protected from cyber thefts, which is a common problem for most of the web designers. So if your website has a picture gallery and you don’t want others to copy and use your photos, this tool could provide a great relief.

Using HTML Guardian can also be helpful if you want to put a banner or advertisement on your site. Many people use some personal web content filter like AdFilter or Norton Internet Security, which blocks these ads and banners and takes away half of your potential visitors. HTML Guardian encrypts these banners and prevent these filters from blocking ads on your web page, so that every visitor will see them as he or she visits your website.

What can you protect with free HTML Guardian?

  • Protect your web site and its contents.
  • Protect your images in the web site, banners and advertisements.
  • Make your web site filter proof using encryption and increase traffic to your web site.
  • Protect your links and all external files.
  • Keep hackers away.
  • Prevent site rippers from copying the complete structure of your website, including sub-directories and external file references.
  • Avoid spam and protect email addresses present on your site.

Features Overview:

  • Flexible encryption options– the freeware will let you encrypt and protect different parts of the web site which you will decide whether to protect or not. Add protection to your HTML files, links, images, and any other component of your web site which you don’t want to be stolen by cyber thieves. You can lock the protected files to one or more domains, so that they get opened from specific domains.
  • Encrypt an entire web site, a single file, or a file list.
  • Powerful partial encryption capabilities
  • HTML Guardian works independent of the language or the character set used in your site. It could be English, Russian, Chinese, or any other language.
  • Use inbuilt profiles to quickly apply presets of protection options.

Some other programming tools that you can also try are: Dreamweaver alternative, and PHP Debugger.

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Works With: Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Free/Paid: Free

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