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BackRex Internet Explorer Backup is a free software to backup Internet Explorer data. This Internet Explorer restore and backup tool can be used with Internet Explorer versions 6.0 through to the latest version available, 9.0.

This free IE backup software allows users to backup the various data the browser uses each time he or she surfs the Internet. BackRex Internet Explorer Backup consists of a simple and easy-to-use wizard interface which even an Internet novice user would have zero problem using. The program also enables the user to move or transport, his or her Internet Explorer settings from one computer to another – regardless of the Windows or Internet Explorer version. This means it is possible, for example, to transfer settings from Internet Explorer 6.0 to a newer version.

BackRex Internet Explorer Backup

It is clear that this BackRex Internet Explorer Backup free program is ideal for those computer users that enjoy managing their various Explorer settings. Indeed there is nothing more frustration than having to re-enter settings each time one logs on. As mentioned above, this free backup program has been designed to make Internet browsing, using Explorer, so much easier. If you are using Firefox, you can try Firefox backup software.

What exactly does this free Internet Explorer Backup software does:

Like any free program that one can download these days, knowing what the program does, puts our mind at rest. The follow features make the program unique:

  • Easily backup the option, “favorites” – this is convenient and saves time searching.
  • Backup Internet Explorer history – the websites, etc visited.
  • Proxy settings along with the user’s choice of fonts.
  • Dialup account information.
  • Auto-complete passwords and the array of different cookies collected.
  • Security information and other user customizations.

There is also the Schedule backup option, which allows the user to set the program to backup IE data at a predetermined time, day, week or month.

It is clear that anyone downloading and using this BackRex Internet Explorer Backup free software would find it valuable asset as its flexibility and ease of use is something many other programs, offering the same or similar service, don’t have. Indeed once downloaded a user can relax and enjoy his or her Internet activities, knowing that all Internet Explorer settings are backed up and easily accessible. If you just want to backup other files, you can try Dropbox, or Dropbox alternatives.

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