MozBackup – Backup Software for Firefox and Thunderbird

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MozBackup is a very simple, free browser and email backup suite. It ensures that all of your profiles for the web browsers and email clients that you use are fully backed up so they can be restored in the event of you having to uninstall or otherwise wipe the program from your computer.

MozBacup is very useful as it allows you to restore all of your bookmarks, homepages, stored tab sessions, etc in a web browser and maintains your inbox and reminders in the email programs, meaning that it is a comprehensive backup for your many online pursuits.

MozBackup does not stores backup online. If you want to store backups online, you can use SkyDrive, Mozy, Dropbox, or Live Mesh.


The programs that MozBackup’s free browser and email backup suite let you backup are:

The simple backup interface.

Backup Your Browser the Easy Way

This free browser and email backup suite has a very easy to use interface that makes the important backup process simple enough that it doesn’t become a complicated chore. Of course, the fact it is quicker and easier makes it a free browser and email backup software that people are likely to use regularly.

Thus, MozBackup is a program that promotes sensible backup procedure and provides users with a simple interface to carry out their backups with. This makes it one of the top free browser and email backup suites.


To conclude, MozBackup is an excellent free browser and email backup suite that provides all of the tools you would expect. It gives its users peace of mind that their browser preferences are saved somewhere where they can be restored from.

The fact it is very simple means that it is more likely to be carried out regularly and thus it promotes the correct way to backup files, ensuring that the backups are updated often.

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