Remove Duplicate and Deleted Songs from iTunes with TuneTastic

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CopyTrans TuneTastic is an application that you can use in order to bring order to your iTunes library, remove duplicate entries, check for songs which were deleted from the hard drive, but which were not deleted from the iTunes library and also download the appropriate album artwork where it’s missing. The application is small, simple to use, it doesn’t even require installation, just download, extract, run and it will automatically cleanup your iTunes song list.

TuneTastic default window

Program offers you a welcome screen when its first started, there you are offered help on how to use it, or you can start using TuneTastic right away, which is the more fun way of learning how something works, so we’re gonna select that option and get right into it.

Using TuneTastic to cleanup iTunes library

TuneTastic duplicate songs itunes

Even though what you see on the image above is an exaggeration, duplicate songs can be very harmful thing, not only because then your iTunes music library will repeat the same songs while using the shuffle mode, provided of course that you have enough duplicates, but it could also cost you money.

Disk space is something that’s not very cheap these days, and the only thing which duplicate entries in your iTunes library are doing is wasting your hard drive space.

Depending on how big your library is, and how much duplicates it contains, you can free up a lot of space, and that way save the money that you’d normally spend on buying a new hard drive.

While using TuneTastic keep in mind that this application is still in development, what we’re testing today is actually a beta release of TuneTastic and some of the features that the program will have are still not functional, for example album art retrieval.

TuneTastic first step automatic

Notice that the Toolbox option on the right side is “Coming Soon”. To do the operations which TuneTastic can do in its current states, click on the Automatic button. While using TuneTastic you need to turn off iTunes because otherwise you’ll get an error that another application is using the iTunes library, and that duplicates and broken songs cannot be fixed.

TuneTastic results

Scanning completed and we were informed that iTunes library which you can see showed a few screen shots back contains missing tracks, because we intentionally deleted 1 album, and it contains duplicate songs, because we added them and also that there are no orphan tracks. Orphan tracks is another way of saying that the song was deleted from the hard drive, but not from the iTunes library.

Clicking on the small eye-looking icons next to each one of the items where problems are found will allow you to delete the duplicates, or remove tracks from the library if they were deleted from the computer.

TuneTastic fixing library


Even though TuneTastic is just a beta, it does a nice job and there were no errors present while we were using it. Currently the application is free, and once it’s finished it might not be anymore, so grab it while you can.

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