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AutoLyrix is a free application to download lyrics, download album artwork, and download synclyric files from internet automatically. Autolyrix is a great software for music lovers who surf the Internet looking for album art and the lyrics to their favorite music. This free program is designed to search and download song lyrics and album art automatically. The application is open source to “EvilLyrics”, a database of music lyrics.

We had earlier also reviewed a few software to download lyrics for Windows Media Player, but those software work primarily with Windows Media player. This free software to download lyrics works with most of the popular media players. AutoLyrix currently can be used with the following music players:

Winamp, iTunes, Windows Media Player, Foobar 2000, MediaMonkey, Real Player, Yahoo jukebox, Songbird, AlbumPlayer as well as many others.

How to Automatically Download Lyrics, Album Artwork:


The program works very simply; while playing music on your music player, AutoLyrix finds the player, checks the song then, using Google, scans the net for the song’s album art and lyrics. The program then downloads this information and saves it in the music file.

AutoLyrix also has its own album art and lyrics library and users are encouraged to upload their own album art and lyrics so that others may make use of the data. This library continues to expand as more and more users contribute to its vastness.

Indeed, free AutoLyrix depends on the help of users to expand its database as well as improve other elements of the program. The designers and engineers of free AutoLyrix want people around the world to experiment with the program and offer suggestions for improvement, report bugs and any other recommendations that will make this free and easy application a even better than it is now. In short, all are welcome.

The following are some of the features of AutoLyrix:

  • Simple and easy to use interface.
  • A vast library of music lyrics and album art both of which are be continually updated by users.
  • Language support.
  • Continual updates allow users to keep ahead of technological changes in music downloads and files.
  • AutoLyrix is an open source application allowing contributions from users.
  • Filters are easily created using XML files.

This simple to use application to download lyrics and album artwork is truly a godsend to, as mentioned, the music lovers in this world. Most of us at one time or another wish we knew the lyrics to a tune we enjoy. Thanks to AutoLyrix, we are, not only able to find the lyrics to music, but also download and save the album art. Don’t delay, download and set up this free handy tool today.

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