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BS1 General Ledger is free general ledger software that can track the budget and actual financial data. BS1 General Ledger does not require a monthly closing of the general ledger, unlike some other free accounting software out there.

This free general ledger software offers optional sub-accounts for each branch, division, and product group. BS1 General Ledger supports automatic reversing journal entries. BS1 General Ledger is written with Delphi source code. The source code of the BS1 General Ledger is available as royalty free to everyone. Users can enter the data into the general ledger through Journal Vouchers to record information such as opening balances, bank charges, bank interest, depreciation, corrections, foreign currency and received inventory.

Other free accounting software out there like Lazy8Ledger also focuses on ledger functionality.

Here are some of the features of BS1 General Ledger:

  • Users can create an entry of the balances in the general ledger opening
  • BS1 General Ledger free accounting software can record data such as bank interest, depreciation, corrections to transactions, buying foreign currency, , and received inventory that is not yet invoiced
  • The GL tool has buttons for accounts, JVs, budgets, totals, history and reports
  • BS1 General Ledger software can compact the data and reindex tables
  • You can import data from a previous version by specifying the folder containing old database
  • Users can configure the backup options to always, never, or ask
  • The old data in GL account can be deleted
  • BS1 General Ledger software does not require any monthly closing of the general ledger
  • BS1 General Ledger software can reverse the journal entries
  • The subaccount options includes branch, division, product group and etc
  • You can easily edit the financial statements, trial balance, and etc
  • BS1 General Ledger software is written in Delphi Source Code
  • The program source code is available as royalty free

BS1 General Ledger is free general ledger software that is available to the public for free, much like other free accounting software such as NolaPro and PostBooks that have prominent ledger functionality.

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