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Lazy8Ledger is a free open source accounting software. Lazy8Ledger is quite comprehensive and is a highly functional example of free accounting software, offering up all of the features that someone running a business needs in order to monitor the state of their finances and produce graphs that show visual representations of their business’ money and cash flow.

We have reviewed many free accounting software till now, and Lazy8 Ledger is one of the best. Other good free accounting software include GNUCash, PostBooks, and Intuit QuickBooks.

This Free Accounting Software enables you to use multi-company bookkeeping, and keeping track of the finances of several companies at one time. This is a useful feature for those who have different branches to their business or simply wish to keep certain aspects or ventures separate, allowing more detailed analysis of various parts of the business.

A graph made using the Lazy8Ledger graph production system.

One of the most well put together features of this free accounting software is the range of graphs and charts on offer to visually present business data. Bar charts and line graphs are available to show various trends in business activity over time, which can allow a business owner to work out not only what is going well in their work, but also what may be causing problems or not doing as well.

As well as charts and graphs, company owners can receive comprehensive reports from the free accounting software. These reports take the data stored in the program and present it in an easy to digest and readable manner, which can be kept as a record on your computer of how the business was at that time.

The program is able to automatically calculate a lot of financial functions, such as balance sheets and profit/loss statements. This automates a process that would be laborious if done manually by you and ensures that there are no mistakes in the calculations, meaning that your financial records will be correct.

Therefore, in conclusion, Lazy8Ledger is a piece of free accounting software loaded with features to make the life of a businessman a lot easier when it comes to finance. If you want good online accounting software, you can try NolaPro, OutRight, and Billing Boss.

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