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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is a free online group chat creator that’s very easy to setup. You just need to type in room name and you’re done. Both video chat and audio chat is supported and everything is free. You can even share screen with other participants. Up to 6 people can join in on chat sessions. For other people to access created group chats, the only thing that’s required from you is that you give them link to the room that you’ve created. Everything’s done inside the web browser of course.

First step of the setup can be seen on the image down below. This is what waits for you when opening up website. The only empty field where you need to type in and configure something is the chat room name field. By clicking on the Let’s Go button, online chat room is created, link with which other participants can join in on the chat is also given.

Talky default window

Once the chat room window opens up the same simplicity remains, but you of course do get more settings that help you control the chat session.

Key features of are:

  • Free and simple to setup: the simplest online group chat creator
  • Allows you to setup everything in just one mouse click
  • Up to 6 participants are allowed per created group chat session
  • Supports both audio (microphone) and video (web cameras)
  • It’s possible to password protect the group chat room if you want
  • Screen sharing: you can share screen with participants (Chrome only)
  • Web based: works in most modern web browsers, Firefox, Chrome, IE, etc

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The screen sharing feature that we mentioned is only for Chrome users. Other browsers cannot use this functionality. When screen sharing, you can show your screen to other participants of the chat, so that they can see what you’re doing.

How to create online group chat sessions with

Pretty much the only thing that you need to do in order to create a group chat room we’ve already said. Open up website by clicking on links down below, type in room name and click on the Let’s go button to create it.

Talky working chat room

Chat room is pretty simple, as is this free online group chat creator in general. In the top left corner you can copy a link to the chat room that you’ve created. This link you need to give to other participants. Additionally you can password protect the chat room by clicking on the padlock icon at the top. Right corner allows you to turn on the screen sharing feature. It opens up in a pop-up window, you’ll have to tweak Chrome additionally in order for screens sharing to work.

Conclusion is one of the simplest online chat creators. Everything that you need to do is type in the chat room name and your done. It doesn’t get easier than that. If you’re a small team looking for a way how to communicate for free via chat groups, is just the thing you need. Give this free online group chat creator a try and see how it goes.

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