3 Free Cloud based Antivirus

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Here are 3 Free Cloud based Antivirus that offers you cloud based technology for running antivirus software. All these cloud based antivirus are completely free.

Panda Cloud Antivirus

panda cloud antivirus

Panda Cloud Antivirus is free software that offers you cloud based technology for running antivirus software. Thus this free utility is based on cloud technology that keeps update about all the virus definitions and database online in the cloud. The application is designed to give you full protection from the threats and viruses online and you can use your computer with speed and optimum sources utilization.

The application is free to download and you need not do any sign ups or registration. The program code is developed with precision that helps its users to keep their system virus free and meanwhile the program that uses minimum system resources. This easy to use software is developed for kind of users whether you are knowledgeable or novice, you can make use of this application to avoid threats in your PC.

The entire data about the virus updates and definitions are stored online in the cloud database, thus your PC does not need to download updates every time and ultimately makes your system fast and quick. This freeware keeps a small cache of virus signature files on your computer as well, which basically keeps the online updates about recently found antivirus. This comes handy when you are working on your computer and not connected to internet.

The freeware provides you protection from online threats and malware that may disturb your PC working and performance. The unique about this application is that it does not affect your PC performance and does not slow down your computer. Your computer is automatically scanned for your online threats and search for URL or web threats that may enter in your PC from web.

The app interface is very simple and intuitive. The interface is designed to gives it’s users freedom of use and easy operation. When you download this application, launch it on your desktop and scan your computer drives for viruses. You can scan your computer for all drives or just scan the partitions your want. The application is complete set of anti virus that gives you virus scan reports and analysis results. The application will provide you reports for last month, last week and also last 24 hours.

You can also configure your antivirus utility by setting the features and functions according to your preference. Like any other anti virus, this freeware block the threats and malware when found as per the description in the cloud database of the freeware. You can also check out the status of your PC by viewing simple comprehensive status report of the PC performance.

You are protected against the threats and mal ware with the help of cloud updates itself if any user reports a new threat. The users connected with the application forms a online community of viruses online and when your PC experience any threats your virus type is matched with other users connecting to cloud. This means that you do not have to wait for the latest updates to be protected against recently discovered threats. This is cloud computing at its best.

Read more about Panda Cloud Antivirus, or try free here.

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Immunet Free Antivirus is free program that helps you to keep your PC virus free and free from malware. The freeware provide you complete protection from online threats without ever downloading another virus detection file in your computer. The application is simple and compact while consuming very less disk space ultimately improving your PC performance. It provides real protection for your Pc that too for free and without any registration.

This freeware maintains cloud database that contains all the latest definitions about the virus and virus detections up to date. You just have to stay connected to the Immunet Cloud to keep all virus detections up to date. Moreover this freeware is light weight and simple, it does not weigh down your disk with by consuming memory and your Pc performance is improved with this optimum utilization. This free application uses low disk and memory use won’t weigh down your PC unlike other solutions.

The application is developed to promote cloud based technology to provide you protection from mal ware and threats. The Community-Based Protection allows you to give you protection by using the data contributions given by the users in the community. The collective intelligence will help you to keep your system clean, while this freeware screens your system with all the latest virus detection files stored in Cloud. Easily add people to the Immunet Community and view their protection status online.

You can get real-time protection from the Cloud against viruses, spyware, bots, worms, trojans, and keyloggers without downloading any virus signature files. The real time protection is updates and uses the online cloud data maintained by the software developers. Your Pc does not require frequent updates so that your computer does not slow down and you can do fast computing with your computer. The application is also developed with unique intelligent scanning technology that effectively detects and removes viruses, bots, worms, trojans, keyloggers and spyware, with the help of power of collective intelligence and the Immunet Cloud. You can also choose from several scan options:

•             Flash Scan (Process and Registry)

•             Custom Scan (Specific Files and Directories)

•             Full System Scan

The application code helps you to make use of the collective intelligence technology controls the shared intelligence on threats gathered within the Cloud. The virus detection technology of the freeware continuously improves with each new user who installs the software. Thus you get the benefit of the shared knowledge and other virus updates. When the program code detects a threat on one user’s PC, that threat is blocked from harming all users in the application community simultaneously, giving all Immunet users shared immunity against computer viruses.

Read more about Immunet, or try free here.

Comodo Cloud Scanner

comodo cloud scanner

Comodo Cloud Scanner (CCS) is free software that easily and quickly identifies malware, viruses, suspicious processes and other problems with your computer. You can protect your Pc from malware and online threats that may harm your computer performance and result into data loss. The application code is developed with latest technology and offers advanced features and functions that you may want from your anti virus.

Interestingly, this freeware instead of using your computers processing power to run a scan, CCS connects to application powerful online servers and gets them to do all the processing work. Ths you system is not loaded unnecessarily and you can still keep your system virus free.  The free app is developed to diagnose your system with latest virus definitions and database.

The key benefits of using this utility are-

  • The malware detection technology that uses cloud technology so that you will be able to detect resident malware on your system without updating virus detection file on your Pc.
  • It helps you to reveal leftover files & registry that consumes space in your disk. The latest scan engine has a fast detection of unneeded files and registries that occupies your disk.
  • You can also detect privacy hindering issues by using this free application. The app contains the tools to detect privacy data files from all the applications on your computer. You can protect yourself by revealing sensitive files, like history, passwords, bookmars, etc.

The application offers its user the tools and techniques with which you can easily scan your computer with the cloud database and thus protect your Pc from malware and threats. Using the latest cloud technology to scan our computer with the online services offered by this free app, you can keep your system free with intruders and malware.  The cloud scanner makes a real-time connection to utility’s online database and it detects the very latest malware.

You can also diagnose the hidden processes in your Pc with this free ware. The hidden processes in your processor may result into sowing down and your system and ultimately crashing your hard disk. Thus you can use the hidden protection detection tools offered by this free utility and identify the processes that may by dangerous to your computer. You can also identify the processes which are not necessary to your computer and slowing down your Pc.

Over the time your system releases the files that are junk and useless. These files are usually very small in size but in collectively, these files consume large space in your system finally slowing down your PC. You can use this freeware to locate such junk files and deleting them at one shot. The freeware is very simple and does not have a negative impact on the performance of your computer. Infact the junk files in your system can be located by Cloud scanner tool of the application.

The application program code helps you to perform deeper scanning and diagnoses system for your computer so that you can search for the malware and threats easily without any hassles. The application gives you freedom of scanning particular partition on demand. When you want to scan particular disk on your computer, just right click the disk and choose the option in the drop down menu. When you choose for the desired option, Windows Shell starts scanning for malware and suspicious files.

Read more about Comodo Cloud Scanner, or try free here.

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