Remove Registry Errors, Remove Duplicate Files with Baku

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Baku is freeware searching and removing registry errors, and to remove unneeded files in your system, and remove them safely.

Baku comes with following 4 options for cleaning up system:


1. Search and Remove Unneeded Files: This option in Baku searches your system for Unneeded files, shortcuts to files or folders that no longer exist, and temporary files that are formed on your system. Baku will search your system for such files, and show you the results. You can delete all of them with one click, or choose to selectively remove some of the unwanted files.

2. Search and Remove for System Registry Errors: This option of Baku searches your registry to detect registry errors. Such registry errors include invalid icon references, invalid uninstall program references, and missing file references. These type of errors are mostly caused when you uninstall a program, but that program leaves behind some entries. Using a free uninstaller helps in doing a more proper uninstallation.

3. Search for Application MRU Lists: MRU stands for Most Recently Used. These type of lists contain program specific information about the files that you have recently worked with. With passage of time, number of such lists keeps on increasing, and take space on your hard drive. Baku helps you in removing MRU lists.

4. Search for Duplicate Files: Baku also lets you search your system for duplicate files – the ones that have same content. However, I would go with some dedicated duplicate file finder to do a more exhaustive duplicate file search.

Here are some of the features of Baku:

  • It locates duplicate files on your system but ignore system files.
  • It search for unnecessary files and folders in system and deletes them like files in temp folder.
  • It search for log files, links for missing files and folders and user specified file formats.
  • It scans and removes unused keys including ActiveX/COM and application paths, icons, unnecessary help files, fonts, icon files, sound files.
  • It creates back up of the any changes made for restoring purpose.
  • It clears MRU list from many applications in your system like Firefox, Media player, Nero, etc.
  • Compress registry files to its minimum size.
  • Supports backup and restore of whole system registry and system device drivers.

One of the main jobs of Baku freeware is to compact registry entries. Since, deleting entries make fragmentation on the disk space, consumes more storage space. But Baku will compact the entries from scratch and removes any unused space on the disk left unused by deleting or modifying keys. This function, however, does not change the content of registries nor physically defrag registry files.

Baku is a really good software to optimize your system. To address other parts of system optimization, you can look at free system optimizers like Glary Utilities, and WinUtilities.

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Works With: Windows
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