Axence NetTools Free: Free Suite of Networking Tools

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Axence NetTools is a suite of free networking tools.  Axence NetTools tools like network scanner, service and port scanner, network statistics, network monitoring, bandwith measure tool, security administration and many more.  Whether you want to find out the available hosts or find out the open ports, or check your internet speed, you can do it all through Axence NetTools.

Most of us who do not know a thing about networking may stay away from details of networking. Axence NetTools with its highly intuitive interface will help you handle all your networking issues with ease.

Another useful freeware worth looking at is NetBalancer. It helps you control bandwidth used by different applications.

Here are details of some of the networking tools included in Free Axence NetTools:

  1. NetWatch:
    It allows you to check the availability of multiple hosts and ping responses. It will notify you when the connection is slow and when the host is not responding through different notifications such as e-mail, sound or message.
  2. WinTools:
    It consists a comprehensive list of Windows tools that can be accessed right inside the Axence NetTools interface. It includes tools like system information, processes and services that are running, registry, event log, memory and processor details, etc.
  3. NetStat:
    It lists down all the open ports and shows all the incoming and outgoing connections to your computer.
  4. Local info:
    It gives you a detailed information about local configuration such as TCP/UDP, network adapter info, IP address table, etc.
  5. Network Scanner:
    It lets you find all the nodes present in a network. It also lets you view nodes from remote networks. Just by entering the IP range, you will be able to see a list of nodes.
  6. Other tools:
    Some of the other tools that you can find on Axence Tools include Lookup – shows you DNS and WHOIS information, Bandwidth – lets you view your internet download and upload speed, TCP/IP workshop – through it you can make TCP and UDP connections in order to fix and test various networking services.

Axence NetTools is a must have suite of free networking tools for dealing all your networking concerns.

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Works With: Windows
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  1. I just downloaded and installed this program.

    But the program requires you to obtain an activation code (within 30 days of installation), which was NOT mentioned in this review. Did you REALLY install & test this program?

    I tried to obtain the activation code but got taken to a page that 404’d:

    Which required that I send an email to support. Let’s see if they reply.

    Finally installation of this program modified an awful lot of registry keys, as I watched the install via Comodo.

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