Modify Start Menu and Customize Start Menu: Vista Start Menu

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Vista Start Menu is freeware which replace your current start menu with its fully functional and developed Vista Start Menu. It is simple and convenient than plain start menu provided by Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000. Vista Start Menu blends easily with your system settings and at the same time you can replace your start menu with Vista Start Menu without any change in settings and compromise.

Having a customized start menu ensures that it is easy to access your programs, and you do not need a separate application launcher for that.

Here are some of the features of Vista Start Menu:

Vista Start Menu

Everything stays in place:

You can easily spot your programs in the Vista Start Menu since this application does not change the position of your programs in menu in case of deleting or adding new programs. Since we get use to usual place of programs in the menu, we find it odd to search for programs in the list in case of place change. But this freeware, whenever you uninstall a program the, it’s usual place in the menu is left unoccupied and will only be filled by new program.

Flexible Zoom:

The freeware supports this unique feature of zooming program icon on the menu for your convenience. Also you can adjust zooming size with your keyboard. It uses combination of CTRL plus ‘+’ or ‘-’ to suit your vision. Thus this feature is useful to those who have poor vision. This also reminds me of Mac style Toolbar for Windows.

Resizable and moving of Menu:

This is very useful feature of any menu. You can resize your menu like any other start menu so that you need go through long list of programs every time when your scan your list. You can also place your menu anywhere in the monitor for your convenience. This is something unique about Vista Start Menu, since you may wish to change its place in the monitor. It will automatically take its size according to the position designated by you.

Comfortable keyboard support:

One of the unique features of Vista Start Menu is its keyboard support. Normally we use arrow buttons to scan through the list via keyboards. But with Vista Start Menu you can perform easy key combination to access the programs on the list. Since the place of the programs in the list remains intact it is very easy for you to memorize it and get habitual.

Tabs and Power buttons:

Your menu is organized in proper tabs so that it looks arranged. The tabs blends with quick launch bar and start up list. You can also arrange tabs as per your need. The power buttons of Vista Start Menu is very handy. It has pre defined power buttons for restart, shutdown and hibernate actions so that you need not open your menu every time and perform these actions with single click.

Above list of features do not end here. Vista Start Menu gives ready command line for ‘Run’ program on the bar, without requiring you to go into menu and enter command line. Also PC search is very easy with this feature since, your search tab is also present ready in your bar. Vista Start Menu gets easily integrated with your system settings and also reverts your old settings safely if at all you uninstall the program.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000
Free/Paid: Free

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