Start++: Free Start Menu Enhancement for Windows

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Start++ is a free start menu enhancement tool for Windows Vista with an advanced search option where you can search for any program on your computer as well as on the internet. It also extends the Run box and the Command line with customizable options, making it easy to enhance Windows for free.

Vista’s search box is one of its most useful tools and this tool is further enhanced with this free Windows enhancement software. Start++ also allows you to create shortcut commands. For example, if you are searching for the term ‘bamboozle’ on Google, then all you have to do is type “g Bamboozle” and it will automatically launch the google search for you. Lets take another example – If you type ” play radiohead’, it will find all the music searches related to ‘radiohead’, compile the results into a .M3U file and quickly launch it into Windows media player.

Start++ is also a part of our list of free app launchers.

As you can see, the free start menu enhancement tool makes it very easy for Vista users to improve the search tool and their computing experience in general with this method to enhance Windows for free. Other free Windows enhancement software like RocketDock and Launchy enhance Windows for free in other ways, but still serve to improve the user’s computing experience and could work well in conjunction with Start++.

Lets take a look at all the features of Start++ :

  • It has advanced and customizable options
  • Users can also export and share their favorite commands
  • It has a powerful search option which allows you to search for any program on the computer and the internet

This free start menu enhancement tool caters to all your requirements and is a wonderful program with so many advanced and powerful features to enhance Windows for free. It is free of cost, making it a useful tool to have for Windows users, as well as other free Windows enhancement software such as Circle Dock and Promptu Launcher.

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Works With: Windows Vista
Free/Paid: Free

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