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Promptu Launcher is an innovative free application launching software that gives it users the opportunity to access all of their favorite programs, files, folders and even browser bookmarks simply by assigning a name to them and typing that name into a little launch bar. It is quite literally that easy.

Promptu Launcher works a lot like Launchy, a popular app launcher (and FARR, a replacement for Launchy).

Getting Started with Promptu Launcher

When you first start the free application launching software, you will assign a keyboard shortcut to Promptu itself. Once you have set this up, you can start the Promptu window simply by using this shortcut. When you begin to type, it will suggest a list of common commands for you. Scrolling with your arrow keys and pressing enter is all you need to do to launch the program/process in question from here. This simplicity is excellent.

A selection of default command suggestions in Promptu Launcher.

Customizing the Commands of Promptu Launcher

Customization is dead easy. All you need to add a custom command to the launcher is a name for the command and the path you want to be launched. This could be an internet URL or a location on your computer’s hard drive. Helpfully, Promptu also has an eye dropper tool which can grab the file path for you simply by clicking on the address bar in a web browser or Windows Explorer.

If you want Mac style toolbar to launch applications, you can try RocketDock, ObjectDock, and CircleDock. Or, just head over to: 3 Free Software to Get Mac Style Toolbar on Windows.

Other Features of Promptu Launcher

  • Lists to divide commands.
  • Automatically sync lists between users and computers.
  • Namespaces to intuitively categorise commands.
  • Ctrl+Enter to copy path instead of launching.
  • Quickly explore files/folders.
  • Commands can contain more than static instructions.
  • Automatic code compiler with error alert.
  • Portable and can run from USB pen drive.
  • Can import lists from SlickRun.

So all in all, Promptu is feature-heavy free application launching software. Even with all of these features however, it still manages to be a compact and easy to use program that caters to everyone from the humble novice to a fully fledged power user.

Editor Ratings:
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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000
Free/Paid: Free

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