Free Software to Automatically Turn Off Monitor: MPowerSaver

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MPowerSaver is a free software to automatically turn off monitor of Desktop or Laptop PC. You can choose to automatically turn off monitor when PC is locked, or when screensaver starts, or simply when the Windows has been idle for a specified amount of time. In all these scenarios, this software will automatically shutdown monitor to reduce your power bill. It is especially helpful for laptop users, as it can provide more battery life to your laptop.

Apart from that, it also provides some additional features, like, schedule system shutdown.

This software is very small in size (less than 50 KB download), completely free, and portable. This is a software that I am going to keep on my laptop for quite a while.

Power Off Monitor Automatically

How to Automatically Turn Off Monitor:

Using this software is as simple as it gets. Start by downloading this software from here. As I mentioned earlier, the download size of this automatic monitor switch off software is less than 50 KB. It will be downloaded as a rar file. Extract it, and double click on the exe file to launch. It will immediately move to System Tray. By default, it will turn off the monitor whenever you lock your PC. No settings are required to be done for that. To turn the monitor back on, just move your mouse or press any key on keyboard.

There are some more options that this freeware provides, which I really like. To access them, just double click on the icon of this software in system tray. It will bring up the window as shown below:


MPowerSaver Home Screen

Some of the settings that can be done here are:

  • Start MpowerSaver when computer starts: This is something that you should definitely keep checked, so that this software can start automatically whenever you start your PC.
  • Turn Off the Monitor with Screen Saver: This will turn off your monitor whenever screensaver starts. Of course, in that case, you very well might not need to have a screensaver at all, but still this is a useful setting.
  • Lock and Turn off Monitor when PC is Inactive: This option lets you automatically turn off monitor as well as lock PC when it has been idle for sometime. You can specify the time duration for which it should wait, before it turns off the monitor.
  • Turn off the Monitor when System is Inactive For: This is similar to the above option, but it does not locks your PC. Instead, use this option to automatically turn off monitor when system has been idle for the specified number of minutes.

We covered a software for laptops earlier, called MonitorOff, that provides one click option to turn off monitor. But this software goes a step further by turning off monitor automatically.

Advanced Settings of MPowerSaver:

Apart from its main feature, MpowerSaver has some additional settings as well. You can access those by clicking on “Advance” Tab.

MPowerSaver Advance Settings

In this, you can choose to schedule PC shutdown, schedule Standby, Schedule Restart, etc. You can also choose to specify a shutdown time for every day of the week. This is useful if you want your PC to auto shutdown during night.

My Verdict of this Free Monitor Shutdown Software:

As I said in the beginning, I really like this software. This is a simple software that is gonna reduce power consumption of my laptop, and give me some additional battery life. I am also going to get it installed on other PCs in our office, so that we can have a slight effect on Power bills as well :)

Do try it out, and let me know in comments below what you think.

Get MPowerSaver Free.

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Works With: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Free/Paid: Free

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