Monitor Off Utility: Freeware to Switch Off Laptop Monitor

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Monitor Off Utility is a free software that allows users to turn off their monitors or put monitor into energy saving mode with just one click.

One might immediately wonder how come an application like that can be useful. This software is a must have for laptop users who don’t simply have a button or switch to turn of the monitor. So instead of waiting for Windows to automatically shut your monitor, use Monitor Off Utility and shut it with a simple hotkey.

Monitor Off Utility

Monitor Off Utility doesn’t require any installation and the interface is pretty intuitive and user friendly. One shouldn’t have any problem using this incredible software. Also, Monitor Off Utility helps you to save energy and money consequently. If you want to remotely shutdown your computer, you can use Switch Off, or TweetMyPC.

How to Use Monitor Off Utility:

Monitor Off Utility does not require any sort of installation. After launching the application you should see everything you want right on the main window.

One can set his/her own hotkeys to quickly shut the monitor or start the screensaver. Besides that one can also set a delay time with the option “Monitor Shut Off Delay”(after you press the hotkey a timer should show up on your screen before the monitor actually shuts down).

Also, Monitor Off Utilities has several options that you should check according to your preference. Among these options you can find: “Lock Workstation”, “Run on Startup”, “Close to tray”, “Minimize to tray on startup” and so on. Take your time to cautiously analyze which boxes you might want to check and the ones you don’t.

Features of Monitor Off Utility:

  • Quickly turn off your monitor.
  • Set hotkeys to turn off your monitor.
  • Set hotkeys to start your screensaver.
Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 1 Average: 5]
Works With: Windows
Free/Paid: Free

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