3 Free Websites to Convert PDF to Excel Online Free

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Here are 3 Free Online PDF to Excel Converters. You do not need to download or install any software to convert PDF to Excel online using these free online PDF to Excel converters.

To convert your PDF to Excel online on any of these services, you start with uploading your PDF file, and then specify the email address on which you want to receive your converted excel file.

To convert PDF to Word, try these free online PDF to Word Converters.

1) PDF to Excel Online

PDF to Excel Online is the best free service to convert PDF to XLS online. This free service is extremely easy to use, and very fast. Just upload your PDF file, and you receive the converted excel file in your email within a few minutes.

PDF to Excel Online takes care of Excel formatting, and preserves tables. The conversion process is pretty intelligent, and you can start using the converted excel file immediately with little or no formatting fix.

PDF to Excel Online detects all the tabular content in PDF files and converts that to excel. It discards all the non-tabular content. This makes sense, as just putting all the non-tabular content in excel would make the excel not usable.

If you want to convert PDF to Excel Online, this is the best free service you want to start with. Try PDF to Excel Online.

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2) Zamzar Online PDF to Excel Converter

Another free service to convert PDF to Excel online is Zamzar. Zamzar works in the same manner as PDF to Excel service above. You just upload your PDF file, select a format to convert to, and provide your email address. Zamzar sends you a link for your converted excel file in your email. Just click on that link, and you are taken to Zamzar website where you can download the converted excel file.

Zamzar has a couple of problems that I didn’t like. First of all, it tricks you into opening an advertisement. As soon as you select the format to which you want to convert your PDF, Zamzar opens up an advertisement page on a new window. This is plain wrong.

Secondly, Zamzar mails did not come on my Yahoo email address. They came fine on Gmail addres. Try Zamzar.

3) FreePDFConvert

FreePDFConvert is another free online PDF to Excel converter. However, it converts only first 2 pages of PDF file for free. All other pages are ignored. This also sends you the link to converted excel in your email.

So, if you just want to convert 1 or 2 pages of PDF to excel, you can try FreePDFConvert.

These free online PDF to Excel converters let you easily convert your pdf files to excel. If you want to convert any document to PDF, you can try Free PDF Printer, or FreePDF Creator.

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