5 Free Software to Convert PDF to Word Doc Online

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Here are 5 free software to convert PDF to Word doc online. All these PDF to word converters are completely free, and you do not need to download or install any software to use it.

Instead of just writing about these Free software to convert PDF to Word, I decided to stress test them. I used this PDF file with each of these PDF to word converters, and compared the results. The reason I chose this file was because it is quite big (around 45 pages), and has text, color images, index, and tables. So, if a software can convert this PDF file to Word, that software has to be good :)

Ironically, just two of the pdf to word converters pass the test of this strenuous file, and all others failed for one reason or other. That was quite surprising for me, but it also shows how easy it is to separate a good software from bad software.

I have ranked the PDF to Word converters below based on my experience with them for this file.

1) PDFtoWord

I had reviewed this one earlier as well, and this is the only one that actually fully converted the pdf file to Word.

PDF to Word is a free online pdf converter to quickly convert pdf to word. You just need to upload the file, and the converted file is sent to you email address. You do not need to register or anything. I had received the converted file in email in less than a minute!

When I reviewed the converted word file, I was very pleased with the results. It had successfully maintained index, images, and even table had no error at all. I was also quite surprise to see that it had maintained the indentation also quite well. Basically, the converted document was in a shape that could be readily used, without a need to fix anything. Absolutely love it! So, PDFtoWord will be my recommended choice whenever you need to convert PDF to word online for free.

Try PDFtoWord.

2) ConvertPDFtoWord

This free software to convert pdf to word is another nice free option to convert PDF files to Word doc. I uploaded the file, and it soon gave me the download link. It did not ask for any email address. Also, the quality of conversion was quite good. However, one problem that I faced with this is that it did not work in Google Chrome, but worked perfectly fine in Firefox. For this reason only I am placing at it second position.

3) PDF2Word Online

This is other free service to convert PDF to Word. There are quite a few things that I liked about this. First and foremost, it does not asks for an email address, and I was able to directly download my converted file. Apart from that, conversion process itself was quite fast.

However, where it goofed up was that it actually converted the PDF file to RTF, instead of Word. It was able to maintain text, index, and tables. However, the formatting was quite screwed up, and images were all over the place. Basically, I would had to spend quite some time on the document to fix formatting, and make it usable.

So, if you just want to convert a simple document that does not have much formatting or images, this pdf to word converter would be a good choice.

4) FreePDFConvert

This free service to convert pdf to word actually turned out to be a disappointment for me. The interface of this free PDF to word converter is really nice, and it gives option to either download converted file directly, or get it in email. However, it does not mentions any limitation regarding conversion. So, I uploaded my PDF file, and soon it gave me the link to download my converted PDF file. Here is when the disappointment began: The converted Word document had just 3 page, instead of 45 pages in original file. There was a message that said free conversion is limited to just 2 pages. That sucks! However, the quality of conversion of those 3 pages was quite good.

So, if you want to convert a PDF file with up to 2 pages to word, then this is free pdf to word converter is a good option, otherwise don’t even try it.

5) Zamzar

This free pdf to word converter was a complete failure for me. It mentioned that it would send out converted file by email, but I never got the email. I tried multiple times, but same result. Also, one more thing that I did not like about this was that tricks you into opening an advertisement when you try to select the format for conversion. I hate that. Don’t even bother trying this one.

I had lot of fun trying out these free pdf to doc converters, and ended up finding two really good ones. Try those out to convert pdf files to word for free online.

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