5 White Noise Extensions For Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 White noise extensions for Google Chrome. A lot of people have problems focusing on their work when working on the computer, since there are a lot of distractions available. Procrastination is a real issue. For some people playing a relaxing sound while working helps them focus. If you’re like that, and the relaxing sound that you enjoy listening is White noise, then you’re in luck. Chrome extensions that I tested down below play White noise so that you can focus and not be distracted when doing work using Chrome. Let’s see how exactly it is that they work.

White Noise by TmSoft

White Noise by TmSoft offers a selection of several different colors of noise, as you can see from the image down below.

white noise extensions chrome 1

Selection can be made using buttons on the right. Next to white noise there’s also gray, brown, pink, blue and violet noise. Just click on the one you want and it starts playing right away. The large knob you see on the left is for adjusting volume.

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Noise Shield

Noise Shield is an offline white noise extension which also comes with a handful of other relaxing sounds (pink & brown noise, aquarium, autumn winds, dryer, park river, polynap and rain).

white noise extensions chrome 2

Extension has a top right corner control panel for selecting the sound type and controlling playback. Open up extension settings for tweaking the length of the default session, which is 1 hour. Click play and let the extension do its thing in the background.

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White Noise by kwebpia

White Noise by kwebpia takes it to the next level when it comes to playing relaxing sounds. You can see what I’m talking about on the image down below.

white noise extensions chrome 3

It features a configurable HTML 5 player, where you can create a sound mix of your own. Mix of white, pink or brown noise is possible to setup, and then you can additionally tweak oscillation rate for each of the selected sounds. On top of that you can setup the overall audio quality. Once you hit the “Start” button, sound mix starts playing right away. Playback can run on an infinite loop or a timer can be setup to turn off the sound in X number of minutes.

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Noisli is a web service very similar to White Noise by kwebpia and this is its extension for Chrome.

white noise extensions chrome 4

In a way it adds on top of what the recently mentioned white noise extensions are offering, because it has a nice modern looking interface and the process of creating personalized sounds has also been simplified. Here you create relaxing sound profiles. It can be white noise, white and brown noise mixed together, it can be just the rain or rain + thunder etc. Extension adds a top right corner control panel for controlling everything from inside Chrome. You need to register an account with Noisli to use this white noise extension.

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White Noise by OnlineWhiteNoise

White Noise by OnlineWhiteNoise is a simplistic web app for Chrome where you get white noise, beach sounds, gentle running water, city noise, nature noise and rain & thunder noise.

white noise extensions chrome 5

Just make a selection of what you’d like to play from the list underneath the player and then click play. Sounds play continuously on a loop until you click stop.

Get White Noise by OnlineWhiteNoise.


I liked Noisli and Noise Shield the most out of the 5 white noise extensions from the list above. They offer the best selection of not just white noise, but also other relaxing and ambient sounds for increasing focus and boosting productivity. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment down below.

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