5 Free Websites to Listen to Relaxing Sounds

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to listen to relaxing sounds. These websites provide you with various types of relaxing sounds, which not only help you relax, but are also helpful in boosting your performance level. You can choose any of the available relaxing sounds as per your mood and the result you want. The good thing about these websites is that they also let you mix-up various relaxing sounds to produce your own unique sound. You can easily control which type of sound you want to mix and to which intensity level. Some of them also let you register with the website and save your mixed relaxing sound later.

Let’s check them out one by one.

1. Noisli:


Noisli is the first and my personal favorite website for listening to relaxing sounds. The website has an elegant design with minimal icons and auto-changing background colors. You can choose the sounds as Relax, Productivity, or Random. There are a total of 16 type of sounds for you to choose from: Rain, Thunderstorm, Wind, Forest, Water Stream, Sea Side, Fireplace, etc.. You can choose to enable/disable any of the sounds and even set the level of sound for each of them. It means, you can set the mood as per your desire like heavy rain sound with fast wind or may be a thunderstorm with low wind.

Although the website can be used without registration, but you can get access to some extra features in exchange of a free registration. These features are: Save and Share, Timer, and A distraction free Text Editor with markdown syntax support.

2. Calmsound:


Calmsound is the website which doesn’t offer you the feature to create your own mixes of sound. But it does offer you 12 types of relaxing sounds out of which 6 are without video and rest of 6 are with video. You have to click on the respective sound to listen to it.

The relaxing sounds without video are: Ocean, Thunderstorm, Rainforest Waterfall, Rain, Country Garden, and Relaxing Mix.

The relaxing sounds with video are: Niagara Falls, Fairy Glen, Enchanted Forest, Coogee Beach, Maldives, and Arctic Wild.

3. Soundrown:


Soundrown is the website which has some unique relaxing sounds apart from the commonly found ones. There are total of 10 relaxing sound and you can choose which one(s) you want to listen and not. You can also set the volume level for each of the type of the sound as per your choice. The available relaxing sounds are: Coffee Shop, Rain, Waves, Fire, Birds, Night, Train, Fountain, White Noise, and Playground. The website also changes the background image as per relaxing sound chosen by you.

4. Raining.fm:


Raining.fm is a website which offers 3 types of relaxing sounds and all of them are related to the rain. These are Rain, Light Thunderstorm, and Heavy Thunderstorm. You can choose the volume level for each of them as per your choice and relax while listening to them. There are also options for setting up the timer so that sound automatically fades away as per the specified time.

5. Rainfor.me:


As the name suggests, the website Rainfor.me offers only the rain sound as the relaxing sound. If you’re rain lover, then this website is for you. You can only turn on/off the sound and choose the volume level. There are no other options. So, just open the website and start listening.

These are the 5 free websites to listen to the relaxing sounds. Check them out and start relaxing to boost your productivity.

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