5 Relaxing Music Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 relaxing music apps for Android which you can use to unwind and calm your nerves after a long and stressful day at school or at work. Sleep is another very important human activity where having relaxing music app can come in quite handy. All the apps we found are free to be downloaded to your Android devices.

Let’s see what exactly is available in the Google Play Store to help you relax with music.

Relaxing Spa Music

relaxing sounds apps for android 1

Relaxing Spa Music has a mix of 5 music tracks and it also comes with breathtaking backgrounds for you to watch while listening the music, if you’re not doing anything else.

After selecting the music track that you want to listen you’ll be offered a number of minutes you want the track to play. Relaxing Tunes can be play up to 50 minutes at a time.

Get Relaxing Spa Music.

Relax and Sleep

relaxing sounds apps for android 2

Relax And Sleep takes a bit of a different approach to playing relaxing music.

It comes with a long list of relaxing sounds, see image above, that are played on a constant loop, unless you’ve set the time to switch off the app automatically after X number of minutes. To play a sound, just tap on the checkbox next to it. It will start playing right away. Timer can be setup by tapping on the Set Timer button in the bottom right corner.

Get Relax and Sleep.

Nature Sounds Relax And Sleep

relaxing sounds apps for android 3

Nature Sounds is a sister app of Relaxing Spa Music only instead of having a mix of relaxing music, you get nature sounds.

App works the same way as Relaxing Spa. Select the type of nature sound that you’d like to play, select the number of minutes that you’d like to play it, put your headphones on, close your eyes and enjoy. Alternatively you can look at the nice looking nature backgrounds.

Get Nature Sounds Relax And Sleep.

Relaxing Sounds by Dexati

relaxing sounds apps for android 4

Relaxing Sounds is a similar, but a bit less advanced version of Relax And Sleep, the second relaxing sounds app from the list above.

To play a sound you just need to tap on the checkbox next to the sound that you’d like to hear. Each sound can have a different volume level. Available relaxing sounds are mostly related to nature, they are nature relaxing sounds.

Get Relaxing Sounds.

Relax Ocean Waves Sleep

relaxing sounds apps for android 5

There’s nothing like ocean waves to help you with sleep. Ocean sounds are exactly what this relaxing music app focuses on.

While the music is playing, a very nice looking tropical background is panning on the screen of the tablet or phone where you’re using the app. To play and tap on Play from the main menu, and then Stop from the top right corner when the music is playing in the background.

Get Relax Ocean Waves Sleep.


Picking one app from the list above is difficult for us, because they are all great. One thing that we’d like to point out that all the apps above are very small, less then 5MB, so if you thought that you’ll need to have a lot of storage for this type of musical apps you were wrong. Leave comments down below.

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