5 Sleep Sound Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 sleep sound apps for Android which you can use when you’re having problems sleeping, but they can also help you focus when doing work or when you need relaxing sounds for meditation. Relaxing sounds of nature (wind, rain, thunder, forest sounds, birds chirping) on your phone or tablet will bring nature to your apartment, if you live in the city and can’t easily experience the real thing, and hopefully they will help you sleep.

Let’s look at them below.

Relax Rain – Nature Sounds

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Relax Rain is a sleep sound app that focuses around rain and water in general. It has a collection of 25 relaxing sounds like rain in the forest, rain on tin roof, water in the gutter, etc.

Sounds are setup as loops, so only around 15MB of space is used for endless streams of relaxing sounds from your Android device. If you’re not interested in playing sleep sounds constantly, there’s a timer you can setup to stop playback after X amount of time has passed.

Get Relax Rain – Nature Sounds.

Relax Melodies: Sleep & Yoga

sleep sound apps android 2

Relax Melodies is an interesting app because it allows you to combine relaxing sounds by playing more than one at the same time.

What you see on the strings on the image above are different types of relaxing sounds. To play a certain sound, just tap on it. Sounds that are currently playing will have a glowing effect. Example of a setup would be wind sound, combined with flute and waterfall. Each sound has its own volume level. Timer is also available here.

Get Relax Melodies: Sleep & Yoga.

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Sleepy Sounds (Baby + Adults)

sleep sound apps android 3

Sleepy Sounds is a simplistic sleep sounds app for Android, which comes with three work modes, lullabies, white noise and nature sounds.

Lullabies are obviously aimed at kids, and that’s what plays on the image above. White noise mode plays white noise sounds like heavy rain, vaccum, hair dryer, and the nature mode gets you forest, ocean and water stream sounds on the loop. If you don’t want sound to be looped, there’s a timer you can use to turn them off after X amount of time has passed.

Get Sleepy Sounds (Baby + Adults).

Relax Night – Nature Sounds

sleep sound apps android 4

Relax Night is a sister app of Relax Rain, only Relax Night offers a more diverse selection of sleep sounds related to sleep. Over 15 looped audio files are available.

Campfire at the beach, night in tent, calm ocean, night in the woods are just some of the types of sounds that are available in Relax Night. Timer is available, as a lovely image backgrounds to accompany the selected sounds.

Get Relax Night – Nature Sounds.

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Relax and Sleep

sleep sound apps android 5

Relax and Sleep is a sleep sound app where you can create your own relaxing sound mix using over 35 ambient sounds available in Relax and Sleep.

As far as freedom in sleep sound apps goes, Relax and Sleep is really high up there, because it gives you the choice to cook up your own sound. I went with atmospheric melody and campfire. Each selected sound has its own volume level. Timer is available.

Get Relax and Sleep.


I really like mixing feature that’s available in Relax and Sleep, and also in Relax Melodies. You might not be a fan of creating your own sleep sounds. If so, go with Relax Night.

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